Dr Oz: 3 Step Plan for Two Week Diet Rapid Weight Loss Results


Dr Oz’s Two Week Rapid Weight Loss Diet Results

Before this show, Doctor Oz put his entire studio audience on a two-week diet program. Together, they lost a total of 1,093 pounds. In this episode, Dr Oz explained how they accomplished this average weight loss of nine pounds per person. On the next page, learn how they did it with Dr Oz’s Two Week Rapid Weight Loss Diet.

Dr Oz: Wheat Belly Diet Review + Ultrasimple Diet

If you follow this diet for two weeks, Dr Oz said it can change a lot of aspects in your life, even lowering chronic pain, food sensitivities, and Type 2 Diabetes risk. Dr Oz spent a year researching to come up with this plan. Here are some of the sources that inspired him:

  • Dr William Davis, author of The Wheat Belly Diet, opened Dr Oz’s eyes about the dangers of wheat.
  • Dr David Perlmutter, author of Grain Brain, showed us how carbs spike blood sugar and could cause dementia.
  • Dr Mark Hyman, who wrote The Ultrasimple Diet, pointed out inflammatory toxins in our foods.

What do all these diets have in common? Some of our everyday foods make us fat and sick, meaning willpower is not necessarily the reason you cannot lose weight. Doctor Oz and his team pulled the best tips from all these programs, and his staff even tested the diet.

Dr Oz: 3 Step Plan for Two Week Diet

Dr Oz: 3 Step Plan for Two Week Diet Rapid Weight Loss Results

There are three steps that can help you jump start your health with Dr Oz’s Two Week Rapid Weight Loss Diet, beginning by eliminating inflammatory foods.

There are three components to the diet:

  • Eliminate the foods making you sick and fat
  • Add unlimited quantities of low glycemic foods to burn fat fast
  • Take probiotics and nutrients that speed up weight loss

If you want to kick off the year with rapid weight loss, you can get started in just two weeks.

Dr Oz: Eliminate Wheat for Two Weeks

Giving up some favorite foods is the hardest part of this diet, but it can lead to big results.

Giving up wheat helped Susan lose 16 pounds and four inches. She said she felt more clarity after giving up wheat. “It’s not just about weight loss,” Dr Oz reminded us. He said that some people are more sensitive to gluten than we thought, causing inflammation and cravings.

Dr Oz: Eliminate Artificial Sweeteners & Sugar for Two Weeks

Kim talked with Dr Oz about eliminating artificial sweeteners from her diet. They are found in many foods, like diet sodas, and we tend to add them to coffee or tea. Kim has been drinking six to eight sodas a day since childhood. But she gave them up for the diet, and she lost 11 1/2 pounds and two inches from her waist.

“So many people are trying to do the right thing, but they’re doing the wrong thing,” Dr Oz said. These sugar substitutes can increase your waist size 70% more than sugar.

Speaking of sugar, it stimulates the brain like a drug. This diet means giving up sugar, including in alcohol. Kim’s advice was that her cravings subsided after day four of the diet plan.

Dr Oz: Eliminate Coffee for Two Weeks

Angie talked to Dr Oz about giving up coffee during his two-week rapid weight loss diet. She substituted Green Tea to get energy and focus. She said that she has lost 26 pounds and four inches since starting Dr Oz’s diet. Her friends and family have been noticing the changes to her body.

The problem with coffee is that most people are adding empty calories from sugar and cream. It can also open the door to pastries or other bad morning snacks. It raises your cortisol and throws your hormones out of balance. By day three, Angie said she no longer missed drinking coffee.

Dr Oz: Eliminate Dairy for Two Weeks

Dairy causes food allergies and inflammation, and Angie said it was hard to give up. However, she thought it was worth the sacrifices, and the majority of the audience, who participated in the plan, agreed. Do you think you could give up all these goodies for two weeks, in exchange for the potential health benefits?

  • Michele lost 11 pounds, and she was happy to take some weight off for the first time in a few years. She felt lower stress and more clarity.
  • Camille lost 15 pounds, felt less bloated, had more energy, and slept much better.
  • Dawn lost seven pounds, and gained confidence to pursue her health goals.



  1. Carol says

    I have white matter shearing of the brain chronic pain and fibromyalgia for 22 yrs two yrs ago I was diagnosed with having both thyroid disorders and I had a food panel done to see what I could and couldn’t eat. I’m dairy free gluten free yeast free sugar free all tree nuts free and healthy foods like all night veg no beans corn or Beas and so much more. I finally got my t3 t4 and tsh back to normal levels after two years I lost a bit of my wheat belly but I still have a lot that I want to get rid of and I honestly do t know what else to do to get down to my goal weight of 130 I’m st 154 I was at 168 when I started. Does it take a long time to loose this wheat belly or what am I doing wrong feeling so frustrated. Thanks in advance carol

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