Dr Oz: 3 South Beach Diet Fast Diet Tricks & Never Grocery Shop Hungry


Dr Oz: South Beach Diet Fast Diet Tips

Dr. Oz is always trying to help his viewers lose weight but he knows not every diet is going to work for every person so today, he invited the creator of the South Beach Diet to offer up some of his fast diet secrets to losing weight. This could be the diet you have been waiting for.

South Beach Diet Fast Diet Tips: Eat B-Based Proteins

Dr. Arthur Agatston, creator of The South Beach Diet, said his diet works for everyone because it is simple and flexible. No matter the kind of lifestyle of you live, from a person who eats meat all day to a vegan, Dr. Agatston said his diet will work for you and it will even improve the health of your heart.  All you need to do is follow the two rules below:


Dr Oz: 3 South Beach Diet Fast Diet Tricks & Never Grocery Shop Hungry

Dr. Oz invited the creator of The South Beach Diet to go over three of his best fast dieting secrets everyone is going to try.

Eat the Stop and Go Fruits and Veggies: Eat red fruits like apples and tomato and green vegetables like broccoli and green bell peppers.

Eat B-Based Protein at Every Meal: B-based protein are foods like beans, lean meat and veggie burgers. Dr. Agatston added that a person who has a diet that is one third protein lose around a pound a week.


Swap High Calorie Condiments for Healthier Alternatives

Dr. Oz brought out a woman named Bridget who told everyone she lost 20 pounds on the South Beach Diet. She said the best advice she received from Dr. Agatston was to swap out high-calorie condiments with other, healthier alternatives. Dr. Oz loved the advice saying it works not only to suppress appetite but also to cut down on the amount of calories you are consuming.

Try some of the healthier alternatives below to help your with your weight loss:

  • Instead of ketchup use hot sauce
  • Replace mayonnaise and sour cream with Greek yogurt
  • Use a light, skim-milk cheese in place of cream cheese

Healthy Dairy Desserts Help with Weight Loss

Another one of Dr. Agatston’s fast diet tricks is to eat a dairy based dessert every single day. If eaten in moderation, Dr. Agatston said a dairy dessert can be very healthy for you.

Try some of his suggestions listed below:

  • Ricotta Creme – Use a splash of sweetener or some vanilla to to make the dessert a bit sweeter.
  • Chilled Espresso Custard
  • Chocolate Mousse

Never Grocery Shop When You Are Hungry

The final fast diet trick Dr. Agatston had was to not grocery shop when you’re hungry. He said when your blood sugar levels drop too low, you lose all control over your appetite and the next thing you know your cart is filled with a bunch of junk food. Make sure to eat before shopping and don’t shop later in the day when you’re tired and hungry.

Dr. Oz said a recent study found people who ate before they shopped ought four time more healthy food than those who shopped when they were hungry.


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