Dr Oz 3 Day Detox Cleanse: Weight Loss Results, Side Effects & Energy


Dr Oz: Detox Cleanse Diet

Dr Oz has been helping you understand why you might be having trouble losing weight so that you can Melt Fat Fast with tricks like Detox Curry Leaves and the Sleep Naked weight loss plan. Next, he is tackling another fad that can unlock your body’s power to function better. It’s the Dr Oz 3 Day Detox Cleanse. Read all about it. Then get the Dr Oz Detox Shopping List and Dr Oz Ultra Cleanse Bath information.

We’ve all heard the headlines about celebrities and regular women turning to trends such as juice fasts and cleanses in recent years. But Dr Oz said that some of these programs are a cause for concern because they can shock your body into starvation.


Dr Oz 3 Day Detox Cleanse

That’s why Doctor Oz banded together with his team of experts to come up with something he can stand behind. He said this is easy to do, will keep you feeling satisfied for the three days, and it’s safe for the body.

Dr Oz 3 Day Detox Cleanse: Weight Loss Results, Side Effects & Energy

The Dr Oz 3 day detox cleanse is a vetted and tested method to help you lose weight. Read about how and why it works, side effects & weight loss results.

To do the Dr Oz 3 Day Detox Cleanse, you’ll need a blender, three days you can commit to the plan, and $16 for ingredients. Since some of these other programs go for hundreds of dollars, this is a great value.


When Dr Oz himself tried the cleanse, he lost two pounds, and some volunteers from his audience have lost even more. Here are the three days of the cleanse.

  1. Eliminate Toxins
  2. Replenish Nutrients
  3. Rebalance Body

Dr Oz: Detox Cleanse for Energy

Dr Mark Hyman returned to the show to explain that you don’t have to see a cleanse as an endurance test or punishment. This is about getting the body feeling better. Sometimes we get so set in negative routines that we don’t realize or remember how good we are able to feel when we have the right nutrients in our bodies.

Plant-based dietitian Julieanna Hever said that most of us miss out on the nutrients in our food because we don’t chew our bites well enough. That means we’re not getting all the nutrients from the cell walls of plant based foods. That’s why throwing veggies in a blender can deliver such a highly concentrated nutrient punch.

Dr Oz: Detox Cleanse Headaches Side Effect

Dr Oz said that some people complain of feeling withdrawals on a cleanse. But what about the Dr Oz 3 Day Detox Cleanse? According to Julieanna, this cleanse doesn’t compare to a water cleanse or juice fast because smoothies are high in fiber to keep you feeling satisfied throughout the three-day process. Feeling a headache during a cleanse is normal because it signifies the body clearing away toxins.

The best side effect of this plan is the one most of us are after anyway: weight loss. This will help you flush toxins and eliminate unneeded fluid from your body. You may also notice that you have clearer skin, as well as sharper vision and better mental function after the cleanse.

Dr Oz 3 Day Detox: Day 1 Eliminate

For the first day, your body will focus on ridding itself of toxins thanks to the kidneys and liver. The average person has 80,000 toxins in their daily foods, according to Dr Hyman, but we don’t often associate those with how our bides feel.

Your bowel symptoms, sinus problems, muscle or joint pain can all be attributed at least in part to your diet. That means clearing away the junk can help improve the pains caused by other problems.

Dr Oz 3 Day Detox: Day 2 Replenish

For the second day of the Dr Oz 3 Day Detox Cleanse, you will be fueling your brain, your liver, your immune system, and your other organs to function at their highest levels. It’s sort of like a tuneup for the whole body. You take your car in for regular service. Why wouldn’t you do the same thing for your body?

Dr Oz 3 Day Detox: Day 3 Reset

Finally, the third day of this plan will dawn with renewed energy as your body begins to reset itself. Julieanna Hever shared how you can feel more energy even though you are eating fewer calories than normal.

Because the foods are blended, nutrients are absorbed directly in your body’s GI tract, giving you immediate energy while also pumping your body full of nutrients.

Dr Oz Pre-Cleanse Dinner

Before you jump into this cleanse, you want to make sure that you prepare your body with a pre-cleanse meal. Since you don’t want to shock your system, it’s best to spend the day before starting the cleanse by phasing out some of the processed foods you may eat on a regular basis. Here’s what you should focus on the night before you begin.

  • Black Rice – high antioxidant, low sugar
  • Protein – amino acid rich choices include salmon & chicken
  • Greens, Garlic & Onions – Kale, Collards, Chard and Arugula detoxify

Dr Oz 3 Day Detox Calories

Dr Oz tried this plan himself before recommending it to all of us. He said that each of the smoothies on the plan has around 350 calories, giving you around 1300 calories for each day of the cleanse.

Is this something you would think about trying?



  1. Ruth Perry says

    I am very upset and disappointed
    I cannot find the 3 day cleanse shopping list
    on tv you say just go to dr oz.com where is the list
    website very confusing and sooooo much information

  2. Lora Burnham says

    If a person doesn’t care for “smoothy” type drinks, is it possible to eat the exact ingredients in each drink and achieve the same detox results?

    • says

      I can’t speak for Dr Oz, but based on the conversation in the show, they said it’s harder to get the effects from simply eating the food because most people don’t chew their food carefully enough. I guess you could try it and just make sure to thoroughly chew each bite.

  3. Keith says

    I have started the diet. So far so good. Although I am not sure if this cleanse makes you have bowel movements or not. For me, nothing. Is this normal. Exactly how does this work ?

  4. Neil says

    $16.00? Where at a food bank? For my wife, daughter and me it was ten times that. Where are the instructions? Drink what during the three days?

  5. Belva Ishmael says

    Yes I was very disappointed that it cost me like $175.00 for everything but I am doing it and I had lost two pounds after my first day and am hoping more to follow. The amount the lunch smoothie makes is around 32ounces. Are we supposed to drink the entire amount at lunch? I use half of the lunch one for my afternoon snack because it makes sooooo much. Is that okay?

  6. Donna M. says

    I have just finished day #1 of the cleanse.
    I wasn’t very hungry until tonight; still not too bad.
    Just have my usual pm issues of wanting to eat something.
    I have read alto of the comments; my best advice is to invest in a Vitamix! Yes, it is very expensive, but if you plan to incorporate these smoothies into your daily life style, then it is well worth it.
    I did not have any of the problems with the noon shake that so many have had.
    The Vitamix mixes everything soooo well; I enjoyed all of the shakes. Good luck! About to take my first detox bath!

  7. Debbie L says

    I started the 3 day detox. Day 1, had slight headache early in the day. As the day progressed, my headache increased. Went to bed with a headache, chills, achy. Woke up with a pounding headache, and feeling as if I were getting the flu. Drank my green tea. Still felt like crap. Decided to stop the detox. Drank my regular tea with sugar, started to feel better. I did have to take an ibuprofen for the headache. I read how these symptoms are normal, but I couldn’t have functioned that day. I really think the problem was lack of sugar. Once I had the tea with sugar, I noticed a change. I’m not saying that’s a good thing, just my opinion of my own body. I need to do a gradual sugar detox. Wishing everyone good luck!

  8. Tiffany says

    Started it yesterday. No major bowel movements, but today me and the toilet have been inseperable. For me and my bf it was about $90 for all the ingredients. Obviously the price is going to vary depending on where you live, vs the price of living, but that does work out to about $16-$20 a day. Remember, it’s A DAY. Either way, I am of the opinion that its working. I feel pretty yucky right now, but if you’re expecting the flush of TOXINS from your body to be pleasant, you’re nuts. As far as headaches I did get one last night at work after the dinner smoothie. I have a bad neck though? So I’m not confident I can blame the cleanse. Good luck to you all! And remember, there is nothing pleasant about cleaning house 🙂

    • Addison says

      I am glad to hear you experience bm’s the second day, I have not had one at all in the first day and felt that this would be on of the benefits of cleansing and part of the satisfaction (i know weird) but seeing everything leaving your body! Did you find it was immediate during the second day?

  9. Dianne says

    Just finished the 3 day detox. Here’s what I experienced: a post detox “up” feeling and sense of well being.

    The ingred’s can cost anywhere from $90 to $150! It’s worth it though. I have enough “expensive stuff” to keep redoing the detox all throughout January for pennies.

    I cut the drinks in half (and the expense) as the original calls for Waaaaaaaaaaay too much volume and it sometimes took me all morning just to hork back the 32oz monster sized drinks. I never felt “hungry” but I did feel extremely bloated and at the same time empty. Now that I’m doing the next weekend 2nd go around with this I’m adding a small bite or two of “real food” to keep me on track and my poor tummy from feeling completely empty. Also I take tincture of schizandra in the morning upon rising and at night. To the lunch drink I’m going to add undenatured whey protein for the glutathione which helps pull metals, etc out of the body. also with lunch I take dandelion root tea and milk thistle (liver) to truely “detox”.

    I love his plan but felt it lacked muscle for pulling bad guy stuff out of the body so it’s great for a base and I’ll keep using it. Lost 2 pounds and feel great. Hoping that doing this frequently during the cold winter months, combined with sitting in a sauna will truely help get the new year going! Good luck to all!

  10. Kelly Wood says

    I started this cleanse yesterday and only made it through 3/4 of the day before throwing up. I had a dull headache that got worse as the day progressed and then felt sick to my stomach for a half hour or so before getting sick. The headache was so bad I went to bed and slept for 2 and a half hours & had chills. Needless to say I didn’t have my dinner shake and an not continuing at this point (don’t want to be sick again). I think the cause of the headache was caffeine withdrawal. Also I had my lunch and snack kind of close together so I don’t know if there was just too much interaction in my stomach at the time that was aggravated by the headache. If I do this again (because I don’t want to waste all the food I bought), I am going to do 3 cups of green tea (which is what I usually drink each day) & skip the snack drink. Since I will be having less calories I’ll add some protein powder to my 3 shakes.

    Has anyone else gotten sick on it?

    • April Hewlett says

      Day 1 & 2, I was in the bathroom all day long. By the evening of Day 2 I got sick and threw up, couldn’t finish my dinner. I’ve had a slight headache each day but Day 3 I feel really bad. I’m forcing drinks down and not going the bathroom since I threw up last night. I have lost 5 pounds Day 1, two day 2. I’m exhausted and had to take naps.

  11. says

    Just on my third day of the cleanse but feeling so much better and lighter. Lost 3 pounds so far. Only negative was the headaches on day 2 off and on. It seems a lot of people I know who did the cleanse experienced the same thing. Also, the lunch drink makes me want to burp a lot.

  12. Sarah says

    I’m on day three. The headaches are amazing, in that awesomely painful way. I think the detox bath (and for me in the plural) is essential. I’m thinking the body needs to release those toxins (that are creating the headaches as they’re being released) and hot baths/showers/mini-saunas help draw those out.

  13. Veronica says

    Day 2 of my cleanse and feeling better, last night was tough. I think it was actually the bath that had me feeling so bad. I woke up with body aches and a horrible headache. this morning after my morning tea I feel much better and more energized. I have to say I am looking forward to a real meal. (a healthy one of course)

  14. Jen says

    I am finishing up day 2 now and have felt nothing!! Not more energized, no crazy things going on in the bathroom and only lost 1.3 lbs so far. I have been calorie counting for a while now and am wondering if maybe my toxins are just low? Even the withdrawal of no coffee hasn’t affected me at all. I almost feel like this is a complete waste of money and effort. disappointed!

  15. Donna says

    I am at the end of day 2 I am extremely sick to my stomach I’ve had a headache/migraine both days. If I didn’t spend $120 I would not do day 3. I am extremely bloated and have barely gone to the bathroom. Overall I’m disappointed that I did this and the juices are horrible. I will update after day 3 if I feel I received any benefits from this cleanse.

    • Summer says

      I was really disappointed too! Yesterday, my Day 2, I was so uncomfortable, bloated, had stomach cramps and yet nothing was happening in the bathroom. Because I was in so much pain, I actually took a laxative for some relief. Today is Day 3 ans still feeling a little bloated. I like the drinks, but I was hoping for a different effect.

  16. Christi says

    So glad to read these. I’m at the end of day 1. Horrible headache. I did one day of pre cleanse before starting this so I thought I’d avoid the headaches. I feel queezy too, started before dinner, got worse after bath. One big shocker for me is that I did not poop all day and I’m very regular! Hopefullly tomorrow will be better.

  17. Leslie says

    I started the cleanse today and after 2 hours, I finally finished the smoothie by noon. But after reading the comments from everyone, I ate about 3/4 cup of shredded chicken breast for protein. I have a lot of homework to do today and can’t afford to be “out of it.” I had a bm about 20 min. after drinking some of the smoothie so that was good. I’m really thinking about just having 2 regular small meals a day and a smoothie to supplement a meal. So I think for the rest of the day, I will have one more smoothie because at this point I’m pretty darn full and if I get hungry later, I’ll have some more protein. But I think at the very least, making a meal out of the smoothie for at least one of your daily meals is a great idea.

  18. pamela says

    after reading all the comments I feel better, but I am going absolutely crazy for something to “munch”. I even cheated and ate one of the pieces of celery from the lunch drink 😉 Is this craving physical or just addiction. I REALLY miss warm and savory. anyone else having that problem?

  19. Gloria Smith says

    Is the coconut water suppose to be unsweetned or is there such a thing? The coconut water that I have has sugar in it.

  20. Stephanie says

    I am all done with day 3 with the exception of the bath. I usually wake up congested but yesterday and today I did not. I have had headaches, bad enough to warrant Advil, but I resisted to stay as “clean” as possible. I am a coffeeholic, but have not struggled with cravings, which is weird, but a great surprise. I did have to eat part of the lunch drink because I just couldn’t handle the drink as prescribed. I’ve lost 5lbs as of this afternoon and while I don’t necessarily feel like a new woman, I definately do feel very good.

      • Stephanie says

        HI Lin,
        this is my second day off the detox and so far I am eating as clean as possible, i.e. breakfast drink in the morning, veggies and protein at lunch, same at dinner. I want to ease back into “real” eating and I am going to continue to cut processed foods out of my diet. I think the detox is a great way to start. how did you like the detox ?

  21. patterrc says

    My wife and I started the detox today. I have to say that the cost was $160 for both of us. The portions are huge and I almost forgot to have my snack cuz I was so full from the lunch meal. I have a headache but see thats expected. Good tips here like melting the coconut oil 1st and chopping the celery smaller before adding. I’m drinking lots of water as well. Will let ya know how we make out.

    • Francine and April Garrett says

      My wife and I started this yesterday as well! We both have headache’s but nothing too unbearable. We both miss the feeling of food going into our mouths and chewing, but have overall enjoyed this. I have lost 4 lbs and she has lost 3 lbs, have you lost any?

      • patterrc says

        Yes, we have both lost weight. I lost 5 and she lost 4 lbs. Feel much better and I will keep the plan around for periodic use.

  22. Amy says

    I am on day 2 of the cleanse…….and i have threatened to quit about 12 times. But after spending around $65 on ingredients, im gonna do it or die trying, and it might seriously kill me.
    Day 1 – i was nauseas the entire day and even got sick after gagging the dinner drink down.I have had a headache since yesterday morning that has intensified throughout the night and day. Ive taken ibprofen twice to get relief.
    I had a mini energy surge this morning – which i was totally excited about, but it was soon replaced with another headache.
    My 2 friends and i, wbo are doi.g this together, are all up on the scales this morning…..very discouraging. But, we are all on a tight budget and dont want to waste all of the i.gredients, so thats why we’re sticking to it.
    If you are not totally goal minded, do NOT have a super strong stomach, or are faint at heart, this isnt the detox for you.

  23. Lin says

    I’m on the am of day 3. My experience so far is not bad. No headaches, just some bloating. I am looking forward to having a meal tomorrow and wonder what is recommended. What are the rest of you doing?

    • Stephanie says

      Lin, see my answer above to your initial question to me. Also, I am being careful about eating as I want to be able to discern what foods were causing my morning congestion.

  24. Pris says

    You can minimize the cost of this by using frozen kale, raspberries, blueberries, mangos and pineapple. You can also make your own coconut water by using 6 oz of canned coconut milk and 2 liters water. I make my own almond butter by putting raw almonds into a food processor, and then if I don’t feel like making almond milk the long way I can take 1 heaping TBL of that almond butter and put in a blender with 1 cup of water.

  25. patterrc says

    UPDATE: 3 days down and the end results are 5 lbs for me and 4 for the wife and 1″ off waist. The headaches subsided and surprisingly I’m still drinking the morning and lunch smoothie and will introduce small meals for supper.We will continue to use these recipes and mod them as we see fit.

  26. Sadie says

    Day 1 – by 10:30am I had a horrible migraine, had to take imitrex nasal spray. By 3:30 migraine was so bad ended up taking a imtrex shot.
    Breakfast drink – not too bad but I would not intentionally make it and say ‘yum’. Lunch, yuk. Could barely get through it. 4 stalks of celery and kale. I’ll stick with it but geeze, yuk. After drinking this I was very bloated but took the pro-biotic and within an hour it was better. Dinner drink – ok, just ok. For snack time I was so full I could only make 1/2 drink (I did the morning drink again)

    Day 2 – migraine is terrible but I do have chronic migraines and I haven’t gone without my 2 large cups of very dark coffee for about 35 years. Just drank the green tea but sure not the same as my highly charged great smelling large cups of java. Now drinking the breakfast drink praying I get through this.

    My goal isn’t to lose weight, its to see if I can get my digestive system ‘restarted’. We’ll see.

    • Jennifer says

      Hi Sadie,
      Exact same problem, I had to end up giving myself an imitrex injection also which I haven’t had to do in a a year or two – I took 2 100mg tablets which didn’t work. I was done after half the second day, then I came down with a fever, I was so nauseas during the first day and so cold. I think my fever may have started the first night. I did feel great the first morning after the first shake but I couldn’t finish due to fever\migraine. how did you end up doing?
      me too, my goal wasn’t to lose lose weight – it was to detox!

    • Dawn Myers says

      I am only on Day 1 and have only had detox tea and breakfast drink. I don’t feel hungry. Actually, I feel pretty full. I’m almost afraid to have the lunch drink after reading the comments, especially since I have the same for a snack. Does anyone know if it is still ok to consume 8 glasses of water during the detox?

      • Jennifer says

        YES you have to drink a lot of water during the detox. not sure the exact amount but i would drink a few glasses of water at least!

  27. Jackie says

    I started the detox cleanser yesterday so far it’s not too bad. The first day was a little different I love drinking tea so that wasn’t a problem the breakfast drink was the best for me. I couldn’t believe how full I was when I finished the drink. Now the lunch drink, it took me almost two hours to finish that drink it was so much and it tasted so nasty. Afterwards I wasn’t hungry I almost forgot that I had to drink the dinner drink. The dinner drink wasn’t too bad I think I was just to full to drink it I had to force myself to down it all but I did it. For some reason I kept having pain in my stomach every time I drink the smoothies so I have to take a laxative because I felt constipated when I woke up in the morning I went to the bathroom and felt better. I guess because it’s so much fiber that we are drinking that if you don’t drink enough water as well it can get backed up. So far I lost 3lbs even though I’m not on the detox to lose weight it’s a bonus so I’m going to walk so I can lose a few more pounds, hey why not. I have one more day to go and I can’t wait until then I so can start eating healthier.
    Good luck everyone!! Don’t give up..

  28. Jamie says

    I’m on day 2 and only my usual daily bowel movement. Is that normal for this detox? I’ve never tried a detox before, but friends/family have and they say they spent most of their time in the bathroom. Just wondering? Could it be that I’m mixing ground flaxseed meal with my shakes instead of flaxseed? Does anyone know if flaxseed meal is okay to use?

  29. Hillary says

    I am half way through day 3 of the diet and am very very tired. I also have not had a bowel movement, but am burping A LOT…any ideas?

  30. Derrola says

    Today is my first day on the detox diet and so far, I have only had the morning tea and breakfast drink. I do not like green tea at all and really love my morning coffee, so just getting past that step was an accomplishment for me. The breakfast drink was not good, but I was able to get it down. Based on comments I’m reading on here, I’m almost afraid to try the lunch drink. So far, I feel okay. I even worked out 30 minutes on the elliptical. I wanted to know if it was necessary for us to have the ‘snack’ drink or should that be reserved for moments when we may actually be hungry?

  31. sean says

    My wife and I just finished day 2 and feel awful and wonderful, on and off. Headaches, bloated, my wife thought she was getting the flu/cold the evening of day 1, but that subsided overnight. My mouth oddly feels cleaner and breath smells much better.
    Breakfast is by far the best, lunch is doable but I am convinced my cup magically fills itself back up. I actually accused my wife of dumping her lunch smoothie in my cup because she was choking it down faster than I was. Dinner of day 1 was the worst. It tasted horrific, too much cayenne and kale maybe? For the 2nd day dinner, I halved the cayenne and only did 3/4 cup of kale. My wife has been craving fried chicken like crazy and pizza, hell, any food we see on TV is unbearable. My wife got a crazy energy boost day 1 aft noon and scrubbed to shower; I shampooed the carpets. We promised ourselves pizza for dinner on day 3.

  32. Dawn says

    I am only on Day 1 and have only had detox tea and breakfast drink. I don’t feel hungry. Actually, I feel pretty full. I’m almost afraid to have the lunch drink after reading the comments, especially since I have the same for a snack. Does anyone know if it is still ok to consume 8 glasses of water during the detox?

  33. stacey says

    I just started day 1 today. I like the breakfast shake (blended it) but I juiced the lunch shake after suggestions from my friends who did this last week. The coconut oil just layed on the top of the drink though (even after I melted it and belnded it in) so I scooped it out. I’m allowing myself as much green tea as I want. I don’t think I could go all day without something warm to drink.

    • Stacey says

      I’m finishing up day 3 today. I really have felt fine the entire time. A headache here or there and some hunger pains at night but that’s about it. After 2 days, I had lost 5 pounds already. I can’t wait until I weigh myself tomorrow morning! I don’t know how often you can do a cleanse, but I think I will add more smoothies/juices to my daily diet to keep the weight loss going.

  34. Denise says

    I tried this detox about a week ago, and I didn’t get a headache like everyone else. I lost 5 lbs and felt great afterwards, I only did the bath one time. After coming off the detox, when I tried to eat the next day, I got sick, so I guess my system was really cleaned out. So I am now doing the detox again, I’m on day 1 and this time the smoothies taste much better, with the lunch drink try putting in a little more pineapple, this will make a WHOLE lot of difference in the taste and after I come off this time I am going to try maybe a salad or something until my body is able to get regular food. I want to do this detox at least once a month, I hope its safe to do that often. Does anyone one if you can do it that often?

  35. Dawn2 says

    I just finished day 3 and it wasn’t that bad! However, I do eat quite a bit of fruits and veggies in my diet anyway. The hardest part was giving up my morning mocha and because of that I did get a slight headache on the morning of Day 2. Day 1 was a bit of a shocker though as I extremely disliked the lunch drink, but I gagged it down. After that, I just cut up all the ingredients in the lunch drink and ate them as a meal rather than blend them up (although I couldn’t eat the Kale plain, so I just added extra to my dinner drink). I know this probably wasn’t as good as blending the ingredients, but I figured it was better than stopping the detox all together. I did not drink the daily snack drink rather I munched on a few raw almonds or I ate celery with almond butter because at certain points during the detox I had a strong desire to chew and I felt that I needed a bit more protein. So even though I changed things up a bit, I lost about 4 pounds and I really feel more energized and clear headed. For me it is a great jump start to a better healthy eating plan going into the spring\summer! To keep things going, during the next few weeks I’m going to incorporate one drink into my regular meal plan and “try” to eat 2 healthy meals and snacks each day.

  36. Maria says

    I’m on day 3 of my detox. Day 2 I did experience headaches, I thought it was withdrawals from caffine but I see from reading everyones comments it’s not. I didn’t have time for the baths but I did do a hot shower and then massage myself with Lavender oil to help me relax and sleep better. I have lost 2.5lbs and 1 1/2ins from my waist. It was very hard giving up my foods but now I know I can do this and reintroduce my body to healthier foods. Good Luck to Everyone! You Can Do it!

  37. denise says

    I did the 3day detox cleanse and completed it yesterday but i had expected to go to the bathroom a lot more also i notice a slight spotting i had terrible cramps this morning and bleeding a little bit more today did this happen to anyone else and what advice do you have. The detox itself was not bad breakfast and dinner was the best had a little problem with the lunch on the first day but got through it the rest of the days.

  38. Gina says

    I had to cheat a little to get through the lunch smoothie. I added a splash of pineapple juice from the can, ice, and a tsp. of cinnamon. I made sure to blend it well and poured it over ice to drink it. If anyone else is struggling through the taste of lunch, I highly recommend these modifications!

  39. Paul says

    Just finishing up the third day. I actually feel pretty good. I had been on a food elimination diet before and so I had no withdrawals from sugar. I don’t do caffeine so no headaches. The lunch smoothie was the hardest to get down but with a few modifications, I made it. I’ve lost 4 pounds after two days. I’m anxious to see what I weigh in the morning. My only question is that I’m somewhat constipated and I thought this was supposed to clean out our intestines–mine seem constipated?

  40. Rae says

    On day three, not keen on lunchtime smoothie but get it down,just! I am doing it as instructed other than using spinach for kale as can’t get kale (live in New Zealand) as out of season, my berries are frozen as well. I too like others thought I would be on the toilet, but not so, I am regular but not these last three days, but feel good and not hungry. As at this morning I had lost 1.8kg (3.9 lbs)I feel this is pretty easy to do (other than lunch smoothie) I will be adding the breakfast and dinner smoothies to my day to day eating plan, not every day and not two a day, and can see and feel that this has reset me to be able to get back to eating more healthily.

  41. Rae says

    finished last night, could not have much of lunch time smoothie, could only down less than quarter, but the rest as to plan. I have had my dinner smoothie taking out the cayene putting it in a glass with a small amount of smoothie drinking that first then the smoothie. I have lost a total of 2.5kg (5.5lbs) on weighing myself this morning. I felt good throughout the program, never hungry, even yesterday when not drinking much of the lunch time smoothie, will definately be using both morning and nite smoothies, but unfortuneately I don’t think I could do the 3 days ago because of the lunch smoothie (all ingredients in the smoothie I eat on a regular basis and enjoy, the combination all churned up just doesn’t work for me) I feel healthy and wanting healthy food, so onto getting myself a healthy breakfast and get this day started with a green tea, not even hanging out for my morning coffee so why not stick to the green tea. Good luck to all giving this a go!

  42. Jae says

    I am finishing up with Day 2 of the 3-Day Detox. I must say I’ve not had any problems really. I enjoy the morning tea, go for a 5 mile walk then have my breakfast smoothie when I return. I’ve not felt weak, dizzy or had headaches. I did add a laxative tea to my morning green tea which helped get things “moving”. I don’t particularly enjoy any of the smoothie recipes but at least I’m not starving. I absolutely LOVE and look forward to the Lavender Oil and Epsom Salt detox baths! Once this cleanse is over I paln to continue with the morning cup of green tea, the breakfast smoothie and the Lavender Oil/Epsom Salt baths!!

  43. Work it says

    I just finished this cleanse. It wasn’t bad, I made a few adjustments to the smoothies. I was so concerned about the lunch smoothie tasting bad after reading the comments, but it really wasn’t that bad. I think people are just afraid of salad. I will say this much I was ALWAYS hungry. I think this is mostly due to the fact that I am a very active person. I run and do crossfit. So limiting my calories to 1300 was hard. I finished it successfully and I was proud to see that I did drop a few pounds. Realistically this cleanse was about rebooting my body. I missed my coffee terribly though. All in all this was the best cleanse ever! I did try the master cleanse once and barely made it through the third day.

  44. Laura says

    I am on day one of the cleanse. I got through the breakfast tea and breakfast drink, which was not bad. I’m drinking the lunch smoothie which does not taste too great, but I’ll get through it. It seems like a lot, it’s very filling. I’ve been working on it for about an hour now. So far no headaches.

  45. Brie says

    HELLO!!! Started the cleanse today. I am very excited and looking forward to the health benefits. I realize, I don’t eat enough veggies and fruits throughout my week so this is great! Anyhow, the morning tea was hard only because I prefer chai tea or coffee. I think it’s great to start a new habit though, I’ll hopefully make starbucks an occasional treat from now on and not daily habit. The breakfast shake was okay. I was expecting it to taste better but it was alright. I think tomorrow I’ll look forward to it much more. Lunch, well that’s another story. Yes it’s okay, the flavor is bright and citrus filled. I don’t mind the celery and cucumber that comes through either it’s fresh. It’s just the thick, grainy texture that is off putting. I’m still drinking it and it’s almost 4 pm. It isn’t TERRIBLE thought like people are complaining about..it’s just different than your usual sweet creamy smoothie. I don’t think I’ll need the snack smoothie because by the time I’m hungry it’ll be dinner time! I am missing salt right about now….hopefully this cleanse will help me get rid of the craving just a little bit! I plan to take a long walk tonight, do some light strength training…and stretch before the detox bath. Oh, had a slight headache from around 10 am..still have it now. Nothing too awful though and peeing all day long! Good luck to you all and don’t be babies about it…have not changed anything about the cleanse at all so far and I’m doing okay…remember, these smoothies would be GOLD to people without food…. you can do it! xoxo

  46. Paula Manson says

    I am on Day 2 and woke up with a dull headache. It has continued all day. I made some changes to my lunch drink by adding more pineapple, cutting back on the cucumber, and only used 3 celery stalks. MUCH BETTER than yesterday! However, about an hour after finishing the lunch drink, I started feeling sick to my stomach. The thought of drinking another shake puts a lump in my throat. I’m hoping it will pass. I am considering eating a little protien for dinner rather than a shake and hopefully finishing the shakes tomorrow. We will see! On a good note, I did lose just under 3 pounds after the first day!

  47. Janet says

    I did 2 days of this. My only purpose was to lose weight. Day 1, after the morning tea and shake I got really sick to my stomach and felt like I was going to pass out. I haven’t had a migraine in probably 15 years, but I came close that evening and had to take ibuprofen. As of the morning of day 2, I’d lost nothing but my energy and good mood. I’m usually a really happy, healthy, freakishly energetic person, and I could barely make it off the couch. Day 2 was even worse headaches to the point that I kept saying the wrong words. I was freezing. By mid-afternoon the vomit/passout feeling was back and it didn’t go away until after I went to bed. As of this morning (day 3), I weigh 2 more pounds than when I started. I’m sure it is water weight since my fingers, stomach and toes are all puffy. My gums also bled both nights, which only happens when I eat gluten (I am gluten intolerant)and the joint pain that I got rid of when I stopped eating gluten came back. I’m not going to do day 3 since it is not helping at all.

  48. Shana says

    I am currently on day 2 and I think I have done something wrong. I decided to do the shakes all at once because I’m super busy working, going to the gym and taking my daughter back and forth. I have not had a bowel movement which is a bit upsetting. I am super hungry and the lunch shake tastes like vomit. Yesterday, however I was able to work out for two hours without fatigue. Can someone tell me if I am doing something incorrectly?

  49. Ronnie says

    I am mid-way through day 2. After reading other comments I wanted to add some of my own. I have been just fine… no headaches, etc. I have lost at least a couple of pounds. Two things I would say, and I promise I am not being paid to say this… I purchased a NutriBullet off an infomercial many months ago. It is better than a blender as it really does nearly liquefy any fruits, veggies, etc. you would put in it. It has been perfect for this. I think I paid around $125 for it. If you plan on continuing this or something similar, I highly recommend it. Some of the comments I have read with regard to blending issues and texture issues are not issue in my case. Also, I have added water to the lunch recipe to make it easier to drink and to help things blend smoothly (even the celery breaks down and have no issue with the coconut oil). Secondly, I would agree with some comments that it should be about $16ish dollars per day (not for the 3-day period). If any of you are lucky enough to have a Trader Joe’s store in your area, use it. They rock. You can find most everything there at good prices. They also have a good selection of frozen fruit called for on the program. Many are organic and at very good prices. I have followed the program as designed with the exception of skipping the afternoon snack and using 1/2 of the lunch drink during my snack. It’s just too big to drink for 1 meal. I’m a bit concerned about the added drop in overall calories because I continue to work out but so far so good. The only thing I noticed is that I had night sweats last night. I’m no sure if that is a result of my body releasing the toxins from the diet and bath?? Otherwise feeling very good, trim, hopeful, and ready for something to chew in a couple of days.

  50. Catherine B says

    I have done this twice. The ingredient list is a bit off and the price is about 30/day if you go organic. I like it when i fall into a slump on my diet, like Christmas or holidays. It’s a good way to reset your brain and get back on track. I usually lose 6 lbs and I’m only 125 to begin with. Some suggestions include adding more lemon/lime when requested, less celery and more pineapple in lunch drink. I actually liked the cayenne dinner drink so much that I added cayenne to the lunch drink and i thought it improved the lunch drink. The second time I did this cleanse, I added powdered greens and vitamin C to 2 of the daily smoothies. The first time I did this cleanse, the weight loss didn’t happen until I stopped. After making modifications, I saw the loss as 2 lbs a day. Maybe Christmas weight comes off easier, lol! I also drank green tea a lot cuz I hate water. My recommendation would be to do this cleanse once for practice, and spruce it up to your liking the second time. Also do it Friday – Monday, that made it easier too.

  51. says

    How I am in love with this detox.

    After 6 days of Dr. Oz Detox Cleanse, I feel so much lighter and energized. I really like the morning and evening drinks. After the first 3 days, it was hard saying goodbye to my healthy shakes, so I did it for 6 days and asked my friends and family to try this detox plan.

    In total I lost around 5 KG staying clean with the shakes. Had all my shakes in full size, also the snack shakes during the afternoon.

    Instead of hot baths I went to Hot Yoga class to sweat the toxins out of my body. Today after 6 days I ended the detox and start eating a tuna salad. It feels nice to chew, but I do miss the shakes. Good luck to all of you and if you are thinking of doing this detox, give it a try. You might fall in love with it!

  52. bailey says

    I’m curious I’ve done the 3 day cleanse and don’t finish the whOle smoothie and didn’t eat the dinner smoothie on the second day but I’ve noticedecided a rash braking out on my lower belly is this a side effect ?? Should I be concerned

  53. Rich says

    I just finished my first day and I feel great. I lost 2.4 lbs. which surprised me since my weight is pretty good and I do eat healthy.
    Day 1 was a little rough especially last night. I was very tired and wanted to munch on almost anything. Woke up this morning not feeling hungry but with a very slight headache which went away. Yesterday I thought 3 days of this will be tough but today I’m ready to go.

  54. rose says

    I am on day one and I have completed all but the bath portion of the cleanse. I have a tip for the lunch smoothie. I added stevia to mine. Quite a bit of stevia actually. Stevia is healthy so I hope I am not sabotaging anything, but I could never have drank the lunch smoothie otherwise. I also hated the dinner smoothie. I could not add cayenne as I hate cayenne, so after tasting the dinner smoothie and thinking I was going to throw up because I hated it so much, I added some organic cinnamon and was able to drink it. I believe they add the cayenne to stabilize your blood sugar and cinnamon is also good for that. Also I worked out at the gym after breakfast and did yard work after lunch and became very, very tired, so maybe not too much physical activity would help during this cleanse. I feel very bloated and look like I am six months pregnant, so hopefully that goes away also. Definitely do this cleanse on a weekend.

  55. Jen says

    I’m really looking for an answer from a few people about bms. I’m finishing day 2 right now and have not had one. Is this normal?

    • April Hewlett says

      I didn’t measure ingredients and used more flaxseed than it called for, I was in the bathroom a lot Day 1 and 2, then I got sick and Day 3 I’m wondering when I’m gonna go. Having a hard time eating because I feel sick. Lunch drink less celery & more pineapple tastes good, dinner I put the whole small avacoda in & all mango & it was my favorite, less ceyene too

  56. maria says

    I am on day 2, I cut out all coffee and cigarettes as well from day 1 so this is a really big deal for me. I was smoking 30 a day and having between 5 – 7 coffees a day! I was very tired yesterday and slept loads, I didn’t go to the bathroom much and managed to have all the drinks. The lunch one is vile but I will perervere. Today I have a mild headache, though its only 9.25am so it could develop into a hum dinger! I am feeling very fragile and almost woozy but not hungry or even grumpy.

  57. Jade says

    Hi I am going to be starting this detox in a few days can someone tell me how big of a cup I use As Ingredence show 1 cup of kale etc??

  58. Claudia says

    My husband and I did this cleanse this week. We have done juice fasts in the past, but this was a first for this type of detox. We both struggled with headaches daily. I woke up with mine each day, but thankfully they subsided so I didn’t have to take anything. I did have to take some benadryl the second morning because my nose was running and I was sneezing often. Not sure if this was from the detox. I have lived in AZ these past four years and since that time have had no problems with hay fever. As for the smoothies, I liked the breakfast the best. The lunch drink was really tough to choke down. By the third day my husband said he couldn’t choke it down one more day. I felt the same way (neither of us had been able to finish it). So I changed it up a bit, adding more coconut water, more pineapple, less cucumber, then ice. It made it much thinner and easier to get down. As to other symptoms (besides headaches), both of us have struggled with nausea, stomach cramps, I often felt cold like I was coming down with a fever, and both of us suffered with extreme fatigue. We both slept a lot. Is this fatigue normal? Today it has been two days since we finished day three, and we still suffer somewhat with stomach cramps. Still spending time on the toilet so I think it is still flushing us out. We both had at least 2 bowels movements each day. Hubby says he absolutely will not ever do this one again. I might.

  59. Angela Brammer says

    I just finished the detox today. It was easy and I feel great. My skin looks and feels great. I had no bathroom issues. I did set aside 3 days to stay home while complecompcompleting the detox. I spent 47 dollars at the store. However, I had some of the expensive ingredients. I am now going to start the Total 10 program. I highly recommend the 3 day detox.

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