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Dr Oz: Carb Addiction

Are you addicted to carbohydrates? Dr Oz met some friends from his audience who can’t get enough of them. Joanna said she loves carbs. Tamika prefers anything with white rice. Beverly goes for pizza and pasta. But Dr Oz showed them how carbs affect you and shared his 28 Day Plan To Kick Carbs.

Dr Oz: Why Are Carbs Bad For You?

Dr Oz: 28 Day Plan to Kick Carbs

Get the Dr Oz 28 Day Plan to Kick Carbs and learn how you can lower your carb intake in just four weeks.


First, the ladies joined Dr Oz to investigate body organs. Subcutaneous Fat surrounds the body’s organs and makes it harder for Insulin to do its job. Dr Oz showed the Pancreas. When it fails, you will likely develop Diabetes.

Joanna got the fun task of looking at a thick heart to see the damage that a poor diet can cause to this vital organ. The ladies all agreed that they would like to make changes so they can prevent further health problems down the road.

Dr Oz: 28 Day Plan To Kick Carbs

Dr Oz outlined a four-week course to help the ladies and everyone else get started in kicking carbs. Check out how it works.


Week 1 – Detox

Load up on fats during this induction phase. Look for healthier choices in Olive Oil, fatty Fish, Flaxseed or Nuts. You can eat as much as you want of fats, without counting calories. (This sounds ideal, but it only lasts for a week.)

Week 2 – White To Brown

For week two, you are going to swap some of your favorite white foods for brown alternatives. Look for brown pastas, quinoa, and whole wheat breads; there’s even Oatmeal. Joanna felt like these foods tasted awful, but Dr Oz said you can jazz them up with favorite spices.

Week 3 – Hand To Mouth

You hold the key to portion control in your hand. Dr Oz said the hand is the best measuring tool, and you don’t need more rice than you can fit in your fist. A serving of meat or poultry is about the thickness and size of the palm. Use your thumb to measure an allowable amount of fat.

Week 4 – Cheat Day

Dr Oz said that if you make it to week four, you can add in a cheat once per week. Choose your favorite sinful food item and indulge just once to keep yourself motivated and satisfied.

Will you be putting Dr Oz’s 28 Day Plan to Kick Carbs to the test in your house?


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