Dr Oz: 28 Day Plan to Go Dairy-Free & Castor Oil Lessens Wrinkles


Dr Oz: Couple Is Lactose Intolerant Without Knowing

Dr. Oz talked with one married couple who loved milk. He revealed the results of some blood tests and found them both to be lactose intolerant, while the husband is pre-diabetic and the wife is on track to have osteoporosis at a very young age.

Dr Oz: 28 Day Dairy-Free Diet Plan

Dr Oz: 28 Day Plan to Go Dairy-Free & Castor Oil Lessens Wrinkles

Dr. Oz went over his 28 day plan to go dairy-free, offered suggestions for weaning yourself off dairy every week and viewers changed their lifestyles.


After going over how it is possible for people not to know whether they are lactose intolerant and after explaining how milk does not strengthen your bones, Dr Oz is challenging all his fans to try his 28-day dairy-free plan. He said this plan has the ability to increase your energy, get rid of your heartburn and fix your biggest skin complaints.

Week 1 – Moo-ve Over Milk:

  • Replace milk with non-dairy milk like almond milk, hemp milk or soy milk.
  • Eat green leafy vegetables for calcium.
  • Take a vitamin D supplement

Week 2 – No More Yogurt:

  • Replace yogurt with non-dairy yogurt that contains probiotics.
  • After two weeks you will notice glowing skin and more energy

Week 3 – Dump the Ice Cream

  • Replace ice cream with non-dairy ice cream
  • After three weeks of the plan you will notice improved mood

Week 4 – Cut the Cheese

  • Replace with cheese non-dairy cheese
  • After four weeks you will notice fewer aches and pains, better sleep

Dr Oz: Viewers Change For Healthier Lifestyle

Dr. Oz said the best part about his job is hearing the different ways his viewers have made healthy changes in their lives. Below are some of his favorite stories:

  1. One woman shared how she went from 285 pounds down to 145 pounds after being inspired by Dr. Oz, and her family even followed in her footsteps. The whole family lost a combined weight of 366 pounds.
  2. Another viewer shared her discovery that castor oil helps with aging skin. She said she used it to improve the improve the appearance of her wrinkles.
  3. The final change came from a woman who cut out white flour from her family’s diet, which reversed her husband’s type 2 diabetes.


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