Dr Oz: 21-Day Sugar Detox Plan Lose Weight & Frozen Grapes Treat


Dr Oz: 21-Day Plan To Give Up Sugar

After speaking with Gabrielle Bernstein about the benefits of giving up sugar, Dr Oz wanted to check in on three women who went on a complete 21-day sugar detox. The detox promised weight loss and a myriad of other benefits at the end of the three weeks. Lisa, Techla, and Alisa followed Gabrielle’s sugar elimination plan.

Each woman admitted they struggled big time, especially in the beginning. Not too surprisingly, they were hoping that the three weeks would go by quickly. By day ten they started to feel better, but Alisa admitted to feeling bloated, which was surprising for her. At the end of the three weeks they were thrilled with how they looked and felt, saying that they didn’t just lose weight but they felt more energized and better overall. So how did they do?



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