Dr Oz: 100% Plant-Based Burger & How Is Plant-Based Meat Made?


Dr Oz: Plant-Based Burger By Beyond Meat

Dr Oz was discussing the plant-based burger that was sending shockwaves through the food community. The Beyond Meat Beyond Burger looks like a hamburger, cooks like a hamburger, and tastes like a hamburger. Yet some people were still skeptical. For that reason, Dr Oz brought in Ethan Brown, the creator of the Beyond Burger, to answer questions about his product.

Ethan first clarified that the Beyond Burger is not a veggie burger but instead it’s a meat burger made from vegetables. Ethan explained that they use the term “plant-based meat.” To make their product, they take all the core parts of meat and taking them directly from plants. Those parts are protein, fat, and water. They then assemble those “in the architecture” of meat or muscle and providing it to consumers in that form. Although the Beyond Burger may seem similar to a meat patty nutritionally, Ethan argued that his product is much healthier than a patty made from animal protein.



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