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Lazy Girls Guide To Getting Healthy

The solutions to being healthy and in shape sound simple enough: focus on diet and exercise. But if it were that easy, would anyone be obese? Dr Oz knows that we live busy lives and juggle a lot these days. That’s why he and his team came up with the Lazy Girls Guide To Getting Healthy. The tips from this show will help you get maximum results through a minimal effort…that sounds lazy to me, but if it works, why not? Check out what Dr Oz had to say about Cocoawell Supplements, Wild Lettuce Extract, and how to order in.

Dr Oz asked his audience to share their laziest secrets on national TV, and you know some of them fessed up. One woman admitted to wearing pajamas all day, while another showed off her workout equipment that had never been opened or assembled. Still another Dr Oz fan said her fridge is always empty because she eats every meal out. These are the people for whom the Lazy Girl’s Guide is intended. Let it never be said that Dr Oz doesn’t know what his audience wants.


Dr Oz: Wild Lettuce Extract Review

Dr Oz: Lazy Girls Guide To Getting Healthy

Dr Oz's Lazy Girls Guide To Getting Healthy shared supplements and advice for better sleep & easy exercise.

The first thing you can do to be healthy and lazy at the same time is get more sleep. Maintaining healthy sleep habits is good for your heart. Those who aren’t getting their Zs are almost 1/3 more likely to have a Heart Attack.

Stress is another factor, because the Cortisol stress hormones your body produces can wind up affecting your heart. Stressed or not, Insomniacs tend to have higher Cortisol levels, which is burdensome for the heart.


Dr Oz advised taking Wild Lettuce Extract, which is sometimes called Lettuce Opium. It’s a supplement that comes from the stem of Wild Lettuce, and it has sedative effects that can help you sleep easier. Try taking 30 mg at bedtime.

Dr Oz: How To Order In Healthy Foods

Dr Oz also recommended ordering in on this plan, but the keys here are ingredients and portion control. He gave three guidelines to help choose the best meals to order in.

  • Under 500 Calories
  • 30+ grams Protein
  • Low carbs

Dr Oz also gave some meal examples to give you an idea of what he’s talking about.

Pizza: Chicken Cheese Pie

  • Ask for Whole Wheat Crust
  • 38 grams Protein
  • 436 Calories

Mexican Food: Black Bean Burritos

  • 486 calories
  • 30 grams Protein

Chinese Food: Beef & Oyster Sauce

  • 357 Calories
  • 30 grams Protein
  • Lots of veggies!

Dr Oz: Cocoawell Supplement Review

So far, this health plan has included sleeping in and ordering delivery for dinner. But it gets even better. Dr Oz had a surprise for Chocolate Lovers. Chocolate is completely allowed on this health plan.

Dr Oz told the audience about Cocoawell, a dark chocolate that can regulate Blood Pressure and Cholesterol. It is also being studied because researchers believe it could improve intestinal health and lower the risk of Colon Cancer. Certain types of Cocoa contain Flavonoids that may help to eliminate budding cancer cells.

He suggested eating 1/5 of a chocolate bar, or trying a Cocoawell Supplement, which really packs the health benefits of the cocoa into a dose.

Dr Oz: Lazy Girls Exercise Plan

Finally, Dr Oz rounded out his plan by sharing some lazy ways to get in shape. Simply standing up can help you burn 50 more calories per hour.

Dr Oz also suggested squatting (like when you use a public bathroom, though we could’ve done without the analogy). Squatting tones the thigh muscles while burning extra calories. Just 10 minutes of Squats per day can add up to 140 calories burned. Being lazy never seemed so healthy!



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    Thanks for the recap, I love Dr Oz but navigating his website looking for info is mindboggling! All the info in one page!!

    • says

      Believe me, I know what you mean about the navigation issues! I’m glad you found the recap useful and I hope you can find other helpful information from Dr Oz and other shows throughout the site.

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