Burger King, Five Guys, Hardee’s & Carl’s Jr: Dr Oz Healthy Fast Food


Dr Oz: Healthy Fast Food

Fast food in America is a billion dollar business, and there’s no question that it’s contributing to our growing waistlines over the years. That’s what inspired the Dr Oz Butt Diet he featured on his show. But he also spent some time doing us all a favor by highlighting the healthy fast food choices we can make when it comes to burgers. Check out his picks from America’s fast food menus, and take note of the best options to order when you go to Hardee’s, Carl’s Jr, Burger King, Five Guys, and Buffalo Wild Wings.

The best news is that you can still lose weight if you watch what you’re eating, even when it comes to fast food. I like that Dr Oz tries to take a realistic approach with his advice, because he knows how busy people are and that it’s not always possible to put the time and effort into cooking and special diet menus (though his Butt Busting Brownie Recipe is pretty easy).


Dr Oz: Healthy Fast Food Burgers

Dr Oz reviewed popular national restaurants and reviewed the healthy fast food burger choices from Five Guys, Buffalo Wild Wings & more.

Did you know that the average American eats 150 burgers each year? (Really? That’s about three a week!) Dr Oz and his team searched the country for the best nutritional options out there when it comes to burgers and fast food. They were looking at the nutritional information, and Dr Oz wanted them to find finalists that had under 500 calories, no mayonnaise, and no trans fats. What did they come up with? Get ready to print this out and keep it in the car so it’s handy at the drive thru.

Hardee’s & Carl’s Jr Turkey Burger: Nutrition Info

I have to give Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr credit for having a Turkey Burger on the menu. This is a great idea that I wish more fast food places would embrace. According to Dr Oz, this burger has 380 calories, and if it’s charbroiled, you’re getting 31 grams of protein. Make sure you’re getting it on a whole grain bun.


Dr Oz: Burger King Veggie Burger Review

Did you know that Burger King offers a Veggie Burger? I didn’t, but that makes sense, because it’s not on their menu. You have to special order it, but they should have it.

This burger boasts just 320 calories in an all-vegetable patty. It’s fat free, but it has 22 grams of protein. Feel free to get all the vegetable toppings you want, but Dr Oz said you have to go easy on the ketchup. He also said you shouldn’t expect a veggie burger to taste like a beef hamburger. They’re different flavors, but the key is to find a veggie burger whose taste you like.

Five Guys & Fries Burger: Nutrition Info

If you’ve never been to a Five Guys & Fries restaurant, you can’t know how surprised I am that their burgers made the list. I guess it makes sense, as long as you’re not getting their Cajun Fries. They let you customize your burger, but the basic patty has 23 grams of protein and 480 calories.

There’s no trans fat on this one, but there is a small amount of fat. The good news is you can load it up with all your favorite veggie toppings for free.

Buffalo Wild Wings Spicy Black Bean Burger: Nutrition Info

I don’t think I’ve tried the burgers at Buffalo Wild Wings, but Dr Oz did make them sound good. You can get one of their sandwiches with 340 calories and just 18 grams of fat (and of course no trans fat). Just be sure you’re asking for the Black Bean patty, because they can substitute it on any burger.

Now you’re better prepared than ever for the drive thru with Dr Oz’s healthy fast food burger finds. Which one are you craving right now? Have you tried any of these? What did you think?


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