Back To Nature Cookies, Almond Dream Lil Dreamers & Vitabrownie Reviews


Dr Oz: Diet Snacks

Dr Oz spent his show helping you put together the ultimate diet grocery list. First, he shared how five microwave meals helped a woman lose five pounds in five days. Next, he turned to a favorite guilty pleasure among dieters: snack foods. Find out which products, including the Breyer’s Fruit Swirl Bars and the Vitabrownie, made Dr Oz’s list.

Did you know that eating dessert can actually help you lose weight? That is what Dr Oz told the audience, explaining that eating dessert is totally fine. You just have to watch what you’re eating to make sure you’re not going too far off track to indulge your cravings.


Vitabrownie & Diet Snacks: Dr Oz

Dr Oz shared diet friendly snacks, including the Vitabrownie, Back To Nature Cookies & Almond Dream ice cream.

Audience member Sue had the fun task of trying our Dr Oz’s recommended treats. Sue said she loves dark chocolate and cookies, and can’t resist a chance to enjoy a favorite snack. But she often feels guilty about snacking later on, and she still wants to lose 20 pounds.

Dr Oz: Breyer’s Pure Fruit Berry Swirl Bars Review

First on Dr Oz’s snack list was Breyer’s Pure Fruit Berry Swirl Bars. They have no fat, and they’re made using real fruit. At just 40 calories, they are also a great source of Vitamins A and C, as well as Dr Oz’s beloved antioxidants. They definitely passed Sue’s taste test as well.


Dr Oz: Back To Nature Cookies Review

Next was one of Sue’s (and my) favorite snacks: cookies. Dr Oz suggested Back To Nature Cookies, which come in multiple flavors. They are made using safflower oil, with no preservatives. There are just 130 calories per serving, and no artificial colors or flavors.

Dr Oz said these are even better than fat free cookies, because they will make you more satisfied with your snack. Sue liked these cookies so much that she helped herself to seconds.

Dr Oz: Almond Dream Lil Dreamers Review

Dr Oz also mentioned an ice cream alternative, Almond Dream Lil Dreamers. He said these are a 100 calorie sweet treat, and they obviously contain almonds. There are just 4 grams of fat, and no cholesterol. Sue liked these also (do you think she loves to snack?).

Dr Oz: Vitalicious Chocolate Vitabrownie Review

There was still one more goodie for Dr Oz to share: the Vitalicious Chocolate Vitabrownie. It is a 100 calorie snack, with 2 grams of fat and 10 grams of Fiber. It’s whole wheat, but Dr Oz did say it was the most decadent of his dessert snack options. It makes up for that with the dense nutrient content, and if it keeps you from cheating on your diet, he said it’s worth it.

Which of these diet snacks are you going to try first?


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