Liver Cancer Risk Assessment: Hepatitis B Vaccine for Liver Cancer


Dr Oz: Liver Cancer

Dr Oz’s show focused on different types of cancers, sharing information about warning signs and risk factors for Esophageal Cancer, Brain Cancer and Pancreatic Cancer. Next on his list was Liver Cancer. He shared some warning signs, factors that lead to a higher risk of Liver Cancer, and ways to limit your risks through Hepatitis B vaccination and more.

Dr Oz: Liver Cancer Symptoms

Liver Cancer Hepatitis B: Dr Oz

Dr Oz discussed how Liver Cancer can be prevented by the Hepatitis B vaccine.


Are you worried about your risk for Liver Cancer? First, take a look at these common symptoms Dr Oz mentioned.

  • Severe Jaundice
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Extreme Fatigue
  • Upper Abdominal Pain

Someone in the audience told Dr Oz that she had these symptoms and learned after a blood test that she had Anemia. Additional testing revealed a large melon-sized tumor on her liver.

Dr Oz: Healthy Vs Cirrhotic Liver

Dr Lorna Dove spoke with Dr Oz about one reason Liver Cancer isn’t detected right away. Since the Liver is so large, you may not feel bad or have symptoms until the cancer has advanced significantly.


Did you know that your Liver can regenerate itself? It’s also one of your largest internal organs. Dr Oz compared a healthy liver to a Cirrhotic Liver. White masses invaded the sick liver tissue.

Liver Cancer Risk Assessment

Here are the risk factors Dr Oz mentioned for Liver Cancer.

Apple Shape

Is your body type an apple shape? Dr Oz said that if it is, you are more likely to develop Liver Cancer. Obesity can increase your risk, and it’s also often related to Fatty Liver, which can wind up as Cirrhosis and then Liver Cancer. Ideally, your waist size should never be more than 1/2 your height.

Alcohol Abuse

Chronic alcohol use is another critical Liver Cancer risk factor. Heavy, daily routine alcohol consumption can wear down the Liver, causing inflammation. The Liver will try to repair itself, causing scar tissue and eventually Cirrhosis.

Dr Oz: Liver Cancer Fighters

Do you want to lower your Liver Cancer risks? Dr Oz explained some ways you can try to do that.

Cut Out Sugar

Get the sugar out of your diet, Dr Oz said. This is linked with obesity as well. Lowering your chances of developing a fatty liver will also reduce your risks of Diabetes and Liver Cancer.

Hepatitis B Vaccine

Hepatitis B can also lead to Liver Cancer. But you can avoid this altogether by getting vaccinated for Hepatitis B. Patients over 40 probably haven’t been offered this vaccination, but you can ask your doctor for it.

A variety of screening tests are available for Liver Cancer. Blood tests can check Liver enzymes, and you can also screen for Hepatitis B.

Liver Cancer Research: American Liver Foundation

Liver Cancer could be cured within our lifetimes, according to Dr Oz. Liver Cancer research is ongoing at facilities like the American Liver Foundation. He suggested making donations online to support their work.


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