IP-6, Selenium, Black Raspberry & Vitamin D: Dr Oz Cancer Prevention


Dr Oz Supplements: Cancer Fighters

What if you could take a pill that would help you prevent cancer before it starts? Would you take it? That’s the question Dr Oz posed in a segment with naturopath and certified nutritionist Dr Lindsey Duncan, who shared some Anti-Cancer Supplements. This episode also explained Cancer Pain Symptoms. For another Anti-Cancer remedy, check out Dr Andrew Weil’s Anti-Cancer Super Meal. Now, here’s a look at how Vitamin D, Black Raspberry Supplements, Selenium and IP-6 can help you in the fight against cancer.

Dr Oz: IP-6 Supplement Review

IP-6, Selenium & Black Raspberry: Dr Oz Cancer Prevention

Dr Oz cancer prevention supplement reviews included IP-6, Selenium, Vitamin D and Black Raspberry.


Dr Oz and Dr Lindsey Duncan shared some supplements you can add to your daily routine to help lower your risk of certain types of cancer. First on the list was the IP-6 Supplement, which is a newer product. Lindsey said that it can be useful in helping to prevent lung cancer, liver cancer, and even colon cancer.

The dosage suggestion from the show for IP-6 was 500 mg twice per day, which means you can take one pill in the morning and one at night. Check the label for an ingredient called Inositol Hexaphosphate. You can find IP-6 online or in health food stores.

Dr Oz: Selenium Review

Another antioxidant to stock in your anti-cancer arsenal is Selenium, which is believed to help prevent lung cancer and colorectal cancer. It helps the body strengthen its natural defenses, and though it is found in some multivitamins, its content in those is not high enough to correlate to cancer prevention.


A suggested dosage of Selenium is 200 mcg daily. This one is a great find, because it’s affordable at your drugstore or online, and one bottle could last you as long as three months. That’s a small investment with a potentially huge payoff.

Dr Oz: Black Raspberry Supplement Review

There’s still more to learn about cancer prevention supplements. Dr Oz highlighted Black Raspberry supplements, which are believed to help prevent Esophageal Cancer and Cervical Cancer.

On Black Raspberry, the dosage recommendation was 300 mg twice daily. Though you can also get the benefits of this supplement from Black Raspberries themselves, the supplements are highly concentrated. A single 300 mg capsule has the nutrient benefits of four cups of Black Raspberries.

Dr Oz: Vitamin D Supplement

Dr Duncan’s last suggestion was Vitamin D, which is a great part of any healthy diet. She said it is a triple threat for cancer, because it might help lower your risk of Breast Cancer, Cervical Cancer, and Colorectal Cancer.

The dosage was 1000 IU daily, but the doctors cautioned that you shouldn’t overdo it on Vitamin D. Will you be adding any of these supplements to your health routine?



  1. Rocky Famiglietti says

    Can you take these four supplements with a multivitamin? I have ordered these supplements and was just wondering if you could take them with other herbal supplements. Thank You!

    • says

      For information on drug and supplement interactions, the best source of information is a pharmacist or physician. We are not able to provide medical information, beyond the scope of recapping what was mentioned on the broadcast.

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