Dr Oz’s Cancer Fighting Foods: Sesame Seeds, Papaya & Spinach


Dr Oz: Superfoods To Fight Cancer

We’re all looking for ways to lower our health risks and eat better. Now Dr Oz is showing how you can make a few simple additions to your diet and lower your cancer risk using more of his favorite Superfoods.

While there are many factors that play into an individual’s cancer risk, such as genetics and exposure to Carcinogens, there are some healthy foods out there that have been linked to decreased risk of developing these unwanted diseases.


Dr Oz: Cancer Superfoods

Learn about the foods you can add to your breakfast or lunch to lower the risk of certain types of cancer.

Dr. Neal Barnard joined Dr Oz to reveal how you can tweak your breakfast and lunch habits to lower your risk for Breast Cancer, Cervical Cancer, and Colon Cancer.

Dr Oz: Papaya Cervical Cancer Superfood

Papaya is a fruit you can include in your daily routine to lower the risk of Cervical Cancer. Dr. Barnard’s recommendation was adding this fruit to your Greek yogurt. It works by stopping cancer cells from forming. These two recommended eating one Papaya each week to get the anti-cancer benefits.


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Doctor Oz: Sesame Seeds Breast Cancer Superfood

If you like crunchy, salty snacks, you’re probably already a fan of Sesame Seeds. You could throw them in your yogurt, but Dr Barnard also mentioned that you can also add them to breakfast cereal. (Or try them in a salad; they’re great!)

Sesame Seeds can naturally regulate your hormones. Plus, they’ve got Vitamin E, an antioxidant. For the cancer fighting benefits, you want to throw in a tablespoon of Sesame Seeds somewhere in your diet each week. That’s easy.

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Dr Oz: Spinach Colon Cancer Superfood

Spinach has many great health benefits, and one of the latest discoveries is that it can lower your risk for Colon Cancer. It’s as simple as adding it to a Breakfast Omelet.

Spinach is high in the B vitamin Folate, and it repairs the havoc caused by Free Radicals in the body. The recommendation here is one cup of Spinach, once a week in your breakfast Omelet.

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These tips are simple ways to incorporate foods with health benefits into your regular routine. That’s not so hard after all.


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