Dr Oz: Whiz Kid Jack Andraka Discovers Test for Pancreatic Cancer


Dr Oz: Pancreatic Cancer Test

Dr Oz said that he is very impressed by his next guest, a science prodigy who discovered a groundbreaking test for Pancreatic Cancer. His name is Jack Andraka, and he was also recently featured on an episode of 60 Minutes.

Andraka was a freshman when he hatched the idea for this Pancreatic Cancer test. Dr Oz compared him to other young discoverers like Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein. At age 14, he came up with a test to detect Pancreatic Cancer in its early stages.


Dr Oz: Jack Andraka Pancreatic Cancer Test

As a result, he won the grand prize at the Intel International Science Fair, which led to an enthusiastic viral video of his acceptance speech. His invention could be a game changer, and early testing shows it is more than 90% accurate. It may save millions thanks to early detection, which so far has not been possible.

Dr Oz: Whiz Kid Jack Andraka Discovers Test for Pancreatic Cancer

Jack Andraka, the teen who discovered a promising blood test for early detection of Pancreatic Cancer, visited Dr Oz to demonstrate his invention.

“Folks think that researchers are nerds, but I love the fact that kids go out there and they change the world,” Dr Oz said.


Andraka said that a family friend passed away from the disease when Jack was 13, which led him to research Pancreatic Cancer. There was no effective early test, and a late diagnosis led to grim prospects for a majority of the cancer patients.

Dr Oz: Whiz Kid Discovers Test for Pancreatic Cancer

Dr Oz said Andraka shared his idea with 200 professional scientists, and all of them turned him down except for one. Jack said 100 people die from Pancreatic Cancer each day, which he used as a motivation to keep going in his research.

“Never give up hope. Keep asking questions,” Dr Oz said to everyone. Then Jack Andraka demonstrated the cancer test, which checks a blood sample. Electrodes help to determine whether the miniscule blood sample is positive for Pancreatic Cancer.

Dr Oz had the option of showing Jack a real pancreatic tumor, which he had never seen before, despite all his research. He said that fluid secreted from the tumor seeps into the blood, which is part of why the teen’s test works.

“It’s just like a diabetic test strip, but for cancer,” Jack explained. His test is now in clinical trials, and in the meantime, Jack is debating what type of career in medicine he wants to pursue. Doctor Oz presented Andraka with his first white jacket, to encourage him to become a healer.


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