Dr Oz Silent Reflux Screening Quiz: Reflux Symptom Index Tool


Dr. Oz: What is Silent Reflux Disease?

Dr. Oz said silent reflux can result in one of the deadliest cancers in America, esophageal cancer. He used his Silent Reflux Screening Quiz as a reflux symptom index tool that you can take at home.

Dr Oz: Silent Reflux Screening Quiz & Symptoms Duration

Dr Oz Silent Reflux Screening Quiz: Reflux Symptom Index Tool

Dr. Oz explains the silent reflux screening quiz, as well as offers an explanation of the symptoms which can tell you if you may have silent reflux.


Dr. Jamie Koufman, a specialist dealing with silent reflux and the person who coined the term, said the hoarseness in the throat, the coughing and a lump in the throat can all result in a back flow of acids from the stomach, but it does not mean you feel any heartburn. This could be one of the main reasons it is misdiagnosed.

Dr. Jonathan Aviv also joined the show to talk about what you should do when you feel you may have the symptoms. Dr. Aviv said any symptoms, such as a lump in the throat or persistent cough, that lasts longer than 8 weeks could be sign that something more severe than allergies or acid reflux disease are happening.

Dr. Oz: Silent Reflux Symptom Index Tool

Dr. Oz gave a test to the audience which could help them determine if they have silent reflux disease. Test is a few questions long and the test takers answers the questions from 1 to 5, 1 being never happens to 5 meaning it happens all the time. The test can also be taken at Dr. Oz’s website.


The following are the questions you need to ask yourself and then answer with a 1 to a 5.

  1. Hoarseness or problem with the voice
  2. Clearing of the throat
  3. Excess throat mucous or postnasal drip
  4. Coughing after eating or lying down
  5. Breathing difficulties or choking episodes
  6. Troublesome or annoying cough
  7. Sensations of something sticking in the throat
  8. Heartburn, chest pain, indigestion or stomach acid.

If your answer is greater than ten, you need to get further examinations on your body. Nearly 40 percent of the audience, which is par with people all over America, said they answered a score of more than 10.

Dr. Koufman said to get a throat examination and see how bad the throat is doing if your score is above 10.


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