Dr Oz: Picky Eaters Are Super Tasters + Sandra Lee Breast Cancer


Dr Oz: Are You A Picky Eater?

Dr Oz wanted to shine a spotlight on picky eaters, which likely caught the attention of many who were watching. The good news, or the bad news depending on how you look at it, is that there is actual science behind picky eating, and it’s believed that those who are picky are actually “super tasters.” Yes, there is such a thing! Super tasters often have more taste buds than others.


Dr Oz then talked to a member of his audience who said she has never had seafood but refuses to eat it. Dr Oz shared that when he was in college, he was roommates with a basketball player who asked him what a banana tasted like, because had never had one. Wow!

Dr Oz: Picky Eaters Are Super Tasters + Sandra Lee Breast Cancer

Dr Oz explained the science behind picky eating before sitting down with Sandra Lee to talk about beating breast cancer. (shankbone / Flickr)

Dr Oz then shared that one member of his audience actually turned in her best friend for being a picky eater. She explained that it’s a pain to go out to eat with her best friend because she’s so picky. She even caught her friend on tape ordering her food a very specific way. Are you or someone you know a super picky eater? Luckily my son and I aren’t very picky at all!


Dr Oz: Sandra Lee, Beating Breast Cancer

Dr Oz was then joined by author, Emmy-winning TV host, and lifestyle guru Sandra Lee. Sandra’s been in a long-term relationship with New York governor Andrew Cuomo, which has thrust her even more into the spotlight. After being diagnosed with breast cancer, Sandra Lee shared it with the public, as well as her decision to undergo a double mastectomy in May. After successful surgery, Sandra was hospitalized with an infection as a result of the operation. Finally, Sandra is on the mend and she’s ready to talk about her incredible comeback.

Sandra said she’s happy, thrilled, and relieved that it’s over. Sandra then looked back at the moment she found out she had cancer, explaining that she had just finished a photo shoot for People’s Most Beautiful. She was in a cab, and after she found out over the phone, which she wasn’t happy about, she called Andrew and her sister, and then after a cocktail, called the rest of her family.

Dr Oz: Sandra Lee Breast Cancer, DCIS

Dr Oz explained that Sandra was diagnosed with the most common form of breast cancer, and it was caught early, but after her lumpectomy, she decided to have a double mastectomy. Sandra explained that DCIS can be in one area of the breast, but she had it in four different areas. Her doctor had told her after surgery that the cancer was everywhere, so she was glad that she made the decision she did.

Sandra then directed her attention to a New York Times article that said with DCIS, you should “wait and see what happens.” She said “I’m not going to wait and see what cancer does. I know what cancer does. I’m not going to be a ticking time bomb.”

Dr Oz explained that DCIS is a common type of breast pathology and the problem is that people don’t really know how often it becomes invasive cancer that takes lives. He explained that it’s basically abnormal cells in the tubes of the milk ducts in the breast. Sandra said there is so much conflicting information out there and cancer can easily spread, so wait and see wasn’t the right attitude for her.

Dr Oz: Sandra Lee Decisions On How To Fight Cancer

“If you have the opportunity to take control of your life, and you’re dealing with cancer,” Sandra said. “I just think there’s no negotiating with it.”

Sandra said for her, the decision was easy because if she’s scared of something, she’s going toward not away from it. More good news is that the entire process has made her and Andrew’s relationship so much stronger. She said the little things don’t matter as much anymore after cancer.

Sandra said cancer has made her much more in tune with her body and has made her more aware and motivated to be in control of her health. She said we have to take care of both the inside and outside of our bodies.

Dr Oz: Inspired By Sandra Lee

Dr Oz then turned to a woman int he audience who was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 26-years-old. It was stage three, and she went through a double mastectomy, chemotherapy, and radiation. She is now 6 years cancer free. She thanked Sandra for being an inspiration for her. Sandra walked over and gave her a hug, which I’m sure meant the world to the woman.

Did Sandra’s story inspire you? Do you know another courageous woman who has battled breast cancer?


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