Dr Oz: Pap Smear Detects Cervical Cancer & Colonoscopy Removes Polyps


Dr Oz: Examine Moles To Detect Skin Cancer

Dr. Oz and Dr. Santa from Consumer Reports discussed both of their beliefs about different cancer screenings, the need for different screenings and whether or not they each thought people should have them done more often or not. Keep reading to learn about the three important tests Dr. Oz said everyone should be getting.

Dr Oz: Pap Smears Detect Cervical Cancer

The first test Dr. Oz wanted his viewers to know about is the pap smear, a screening that detects cervical cancer. Dr. Oz explained a pap smear is important because once an infection is inside a woman’s cervix, cancer cells will grow at incredible speeds. Having a pap smear done can detect the cancer early and save your life. Dr. Oz suggested all women ages 21 to 65 get a pap smear every three years.


Dr Oz: Pap Smear Detects Cervical Cancer & Colonoscopy Removes Polyps

Dr Oz revealed why a mammogram, a pap smear and a colonoscopy are essential in detecting cancer, and he explained how to reduce your skin cancer risk by 90 percent.

Dr Oz: Mammogram Screening Recommendation

The next test Dr. Oz wants every woman to get is a mammogram, which screens for breast cancer. He knows there is hesitation from a lot of women when it comes to this test, but he said the test can detect small tumors that can not be felt during a physical examination. Although self-examinations are great, Dr. Oz said a mammogram is needed every year by women over the age of 50.

Dr Oz: Get Colonoscopy Every 10 Years

The final test Dr. Oz wants everyone to have done is a colonoscopy as a screening test to detect cancer. Dr. Oz went on to explain when a colonoscopy is performed it can detect cancer as well as remove any polyps found during the screening. Just by using the scope, a doctor is able to get rid of a polyp, and if the polyp is completely removed then the patient has literally been cured right on the spot. Dr. Oz suggested everyone over the age of 50 get a colonoscopy every 10 years.


Dr Oz: Belly Fat Turns On Cancer Cells

Dr. Oz said there are two things you can do at home to drastically lower your risk for getting cancer. The first is knowing your waist to hip ratio because belly fat is the worst kind of fat. Too much belly fat will increase hormone levels and turn cancer cells from off to on.

To find your waist to hip ratio, follow the steps below.

  • Waist measurement divided by hip measurement should equal .85 or lower
  • Eat low-fat yogurt and nuts to trim down belly fat

Dr Oz: Reduce Your Risk For Skin Cancer

Dr. Oz’s second piece of advice for lowering cancer risk is not getting too much sun exposure when outside. He said by not getting too much sun you can reduce the risk of skin cancer by 90 percent. He also said it is important to examine moles on your body and always note any sort of change in the following areas:

  • Asymmetry – This is the common shape of a cancerous mole.
  • Border – Skin cancer moles will usually have a dark border.
  • Color – Skin cancer will appear as different colors, often dark.
  • Diameter – Dr. Oz said if you can take a pencil and cover a mole entirely with the eraser then you do not need to be concerned.

Dr Oz: Wearing Yellow Makes You Happy

Dr. Oz said that there is research to support the fact that certain colors can actually affect your health.

  • Red puts you in a good mood and gives you energy
  • Yellow means you are typically very optimistic and happy


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