Dr Oz: Mediterranean Diet, Herbal Tea + Exercise Reduce Cancer Risk


Dr Oz: How To Live Cancer-Free

Dr Oz teamed up with his father-in-law, whom he called a hero. Dr Gerald Lemole, the “Rock Doc,” returned to the show with information that can help you avoid Cancer and live a healthier life. Dr Lemole is a pioneer of bypass surgery, and he is also a member of Dr Oz’s family. Dr Lemole has been exploring the convergence of Eastern and Western medicine for decades.

Dr Oz: Mediterranean Diet, Herbal Tea + Exercise Reduce Cancer Risk

Dr Oz’s father-in-law, Dr Gerald Lemole, explained some of the health and lifestyle changes you can make to reduce your risk of getting Cancer. (_fabio / flickr)


Dr Lemole was the first to use rock music in the operating room. When he’s not exploring the world of medicine, he is also a painter. Dr Oz has one of Dr Lemole’s paintings of the country Turkey in his office. When Dr Lemole joined Dr Oz onstage, Dr Oz recalled being able to turn to his father-in-law for advice over the years.
Dr Oz:

Dr Lemole has a fresh perspective on Cancer treatment. The cardiothoracic surgeon said he noticed that his Cancer patients were not getting follow-up care or lifestyle advice after their months of treatment. Some patients were encouraged to choose fast food as an easy protein source.

However, Dr Lemole wanted everyone to know that a healthy lifestyle can help you stave Cancer off or prevent it from coming back. He is now co-author of a book on this topic called After Cancer Care: The Definitive Self-Care Guide To Getting and Staying Well for Patients After Cancer.


Dr Oz: Mediterranean Diet for Lower Cancer Risk

Dr Lemole and Dr Oz teamed up to share some of the major benefits you can bring into your life by changing the way you think. These changes are easier to make and more affordable than some of the prescription medications used to deal with the health consequences of a poor diet and inactivity.

Dr Lemole’s first bit of advice was to eat a Mediterranean Diet, something that is also often recommended for patients with heart health concerns. “The secret is processed foods are not good for you,” Dr Lemole said. Complex Carbohydrates contain beneficial Phytonutrients.

Grains are high in Fiber. Legumes and Quinoa are great healthy choices. Beans are high in protein, so you have options other than meat. Dr Lemole also thinks that people should rethink the way they cook their protein.

He recommended pre-cooking food in the oven or microwave before putting it over a high flame. That’s because he said all that sizzling and char can create dangerous hydrocarbons that could cause cancer. Basting and marinating foods will help to reduce hydrocarbons by about half, so it’s probably worth doing.

Dr Lemole said his favorite Mediterranean food is pasta, but Dr Oz surprised him with a plate of Cannoli, a rare treat for the doctor who does not eat dessert at home.

Dr Oz: Add Turmeric To Every Meal

Turmeric is a superfood ingredient that you may have enjoyed in Curry or other Indian dishes. Research over the past decade has found a large number of health benefits from consuming Turmeric. Turmeric has been proven to decrease inflammation and oxidative stress. In lab tests, it kills some types of Cancer cells on sight, which is a promising sign.

Dr Oz: Drink Herbal Tea

Another tip from Dr Lemole’s research is that we should all be drinking more Herbal Tea to help reduce our cancer risk. Rosemary has antioxidant properties against cancer cells. Mint and Holy Basil can also be beneficial. Four to five cups per day is the recommended amount. Would you think about switching from coffee to tea?

Dr Oz: Refined Sugar Cancer Link?

Dr Oz had an oncologist in the audience to share how all this new information is changing the way doctors speak about diet and lifestyle with cancer patients. He said his biggest concern is Refined Sugar. ” It’s important to remember that it’s not just the cupcakes and the sodas,” Dr Pallav Mehta, a co-author of the book, said. “Refined Sugar also refers to white flour.”

That means white bread, pasta, and rice can all be bad for your health in the long run. Instead, choose multigrain bread, whole wheat or gluten-free pasta, and brown rice as healthier options.

Dr Oz: Loss of Control with Cancer

What about the emotional aspect of dealing with a Cancer diagnosis? “Part of the reason we wrote this book is to give some of our patients back a sense of control,” Dr Mehta said. A Cancer diagnosis can make someone feel like their entire world is out of control. However, these small and simple lifestyle changes can be a way to add some control back to your daily routine.

Dr Oz: Exercise Reduces Breast Cancer Risk

Research has also found that Exercise can help a woman reduce her risk of Breast Cancer recurrence by half, which is encouraging. One way you can get exercise easily is by doing trampoline jumps on a Rebounder.

Dr Lemole explained that deep breathing is good for the body because of the one-way Lymphatic valves that run through the chest. “When you move up and down…, the lymph fluid goes up…,” Dr Lemole said. “You can get a lot of circulation going much more quickly thank you can by running. It’s much less toxic on your knees and your back.”

Try doing 100 Jumping Jacks on a rebounding trampoline. Do you think this would be an easy exercise for you to make a part of your routine? Which of these anti-cancer lifestyle changes are you most excited about trying?


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