Dr Oz: Enjoy Red Meat Without Increasing Cancer Risk


Dr Oz: How To Safely Enjoy Red Meat

Dr Oz shared that there are new headlines popping up everywhere about red meat being linked to cancer. Dr Oz said he wanted to break it down to show you how you can still enjoy red meat without increasing your cancer risk. He talked to Arlene, who grew up eating red meat and potatoes, and continues to cook it for her family.

Arlene said they mostly follow the paleo approach at home, so she’s been trying to eat a little healthier beef. Dr Oz said the new research is claiming that it doesn’t matter how the red meat is prepared, it’s a lot more than that. Over the years there have been a lot of questions about whether it has to do with the amount of fat in the meat or if it has to do with the way it’s cooked.


Dr Oz: Enjoy Red Meat Without Increasing Cancer Risk

If you’re a lover of red meat but don’t want to increase your cancer risk, Dr Oz explained how to safely enjoy your beef. (somchaij / Shutterstock.com)

The new studies are arguing that the cause is the sugars that are found in the animal proteins.

Dr Oz: How Red Meat Increases Cancer Risk

Dr Oz said that researchers looked at red meat in a lab with mice to look at what happens to the meat when it gets broken down and digested. It was found that the meat gets broken down into a foreign sugar that our body doesn’t recognize. That foreign sugar then gets incorporated into our cells, causing our immune system to react. That reaction then leads to inflammation in our cells and an increased lifetime risk of cancer.


Dr Oz: One Serving Of Meat

Researchers agree that the sugar may not be the ultimate cause of cancer, but it’s certainly not helping. Dr Oz said that obviously meat should not be the main part of our meals, and had Arlene guess what three ounces of meat looked like. Dr Oz explained that a deck of cards is about the size of three ounces of meat.

Dr Oz then explained that lamb doesn’t have as much of the sugar in it, so you’re allowed four ounces of it. Poultry doesn’t have the sugar at all, so you can have more pork and poultry.

Dr Oz: Marinate With Dark Beer

Dr Oz then said that the second issue is how the meat is prepared. Dr Oz suggested marinating the meat in a dark beer because it has more antioxidants in it. Just add the beer to your normal marinade and marinate the meat for about 30 minutes.

Finally, Dr Oz said to always eat greens with meat. He said there should always be more green than red on your plate.


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