Dr Oz: Colon Cancer Warning Signs & Shape Of Your Poop Meaning


Dr Oz: Colon Cancer With Katie Couric

While discussing colon cancer and colonoscopies with Katie Couric, Katie admitted she had never actually held a colon before. Naturally, Dr Oz was thrilled to give her the opportunity to hold one, despite how hesitant and apparently “squeamish” Katie was. Dr Oz arranged a colon the way it is arranged in the body. Katie immediately noticed that it wasn’t as pink as she expected, but Dr Oz was quick to explain that it is slightly pinkish in the body, but once all the blood is removed, it turns more pale.

Dr Oz also pointed out a greenish looking area of the colon where bile had been leftover. Dr Oz explained that if food isn’t digested well, it stays green the whole way. Your poop turns brown when food is mixed with green bile and metabolizes. That’s why you can look at the color of your poop and be able to tell a lot about your digestive system.



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