Dr Oz Cancer Superfoods: Apricots, Limes, Parsley & Lima Beans


Dr Oz: Cancer Super Foods

Dr Oz’s show featured his 99 Diet Foods Shopping List. Recent shows focused on Body Pain Cancer Signs & Cancer Supplements. But this segment highlighted some of the best cancer superfoods you can stock up on when you are shopping for groceries. Find out why Apricots, Parsley, Lima Beans and Limes should be at the top of your list.

Dr William Li is a cancer expert and regular Dr Oz guest. He returned to the show to talk about how certain foods cut your cancer risk. Everyone has cancer cells in his or her body, but what you do and what you eat can slow or cut off the growth of those cells.


Lima Beans Breast Cancer Superfood

Apricots & Dr Oz Cancer Superfoods

Dr Oz Cancer Superfoods highlighted fresh & healthy options, including Apricots, Lima Beans, Limes and Parsley.

Lima Beans were the first featured cancer superfood. They have a natural cancer fighting component that kills breast cancer cells. You can lower your breast cancer risk by 24% if you’re regularly eating Lima Beans.

You can find them in the frozen section of your grocery store. Just make sure that the beans are separated by shaking the bag. If they’re all stuck together, they have thawed out and re-frozen.


Dr Li recommended sauteing or steaming your Lima Beans in Olive Oil for the best benefits. He suggested eating one cup a day of these high fiber beans.

Parsley Ovarian Cancer Superfood

Parsley actually works to starve the cells that lead to Ovarian Cancer. They die because their blood supply gets cut off. Just add a cup of chopped parsley to your daily diet. Try sprinkling it into a salad, or on eggs. Cut off the stems of fresh parsley and store it in water to make it last. In the fridge, make sure it’s wrapped in a plastic bag.

Limes Lung Cancer Superfood

Who knew that Limes can actually fight lung cancer? You can get the benefits from fresh squeezed Lime Juice. Just halve a lime and squeeze a fresh 1/2 cup of juice every day. You can mix it with water to make fresh Limeade with honey. Or try using Lime instead of Lemon in your favorite tea. Lime can also be a great salt alternative for seasoning food.

Apricots Stomach Cancer Superfood

Apricots can help you lower your chances of contracting stomach cancer by 47%. That’s almost half! Just try to get seven dried or fresh apricots in your daily diet. Make sure that you choose sun dried apricots over the sulfate dried variety. Of course, organic Apricots are great too because they have higher levels of cancer fighting nutrients.



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