Dr Oz Cancer Preventing Foods: Dark Greens, Hard Cheese + Cauliflower


Dr Oz: Ways To Cut Your Cancer Risk By 50%

Do you want to reduce your cancer risk by 50%? Dr Oz said that you don’t have to live in fear of deadly cancers if you take advantage of the latest knowledge from research scientists. Find out how simple foods such as dark greens and favorites such as hard cheese can help you manage your cancer risks.

Dr William Li is an expert on how foods can prevent cancer. Dr Li said that he has lost two uncles to cancer, and he was frustrated at the lack of progress in research. But he became a believer in food as medicine.


Dr Oz Cancer Preventing Foods: Dark Greens, Hard Cheese + Cauliflower

Eat your way to a lower risk of cancer! Dr Oz and Dr William Li shared foods such as hard cheese, dark greens and cauliflower that can slash cancer risks.

Dr Li was in the studio with Dr Oz to share 22 ways we can lower our cancer risks by 50%. He said that most cancer causes are linked to diet and lifestyle, so simple changes could add up to a big change.

Dr Oz: Dark Greens Ovarian Cancer Prevention

Ovarian Cancer is called a silent killer. Dr Li said that leafy greens are packed with natural cancer-fighting Isothiocyanates, which protect our organs from the inside out. Eating one cup raw or 1/2 cup cooked per day of dark green vegetables can lower your risk of Ovarian Cancer by 66%.


Dr Oz: Sulforaphanes from Cabbage

Cauliflower and Cabbage work to protect us with Sulforaphanes, and one study showed that consuming 1/4 cup of these cooked veggies daily cut their chances of upper gut cancers in half.

Dr Oz: Hard Cheese Lung Cancer Prevention

Lung Cancer does not just affect smokers. But Dr Oz and Dr Li promised that we would love the remedy for this: hard cheese. Gouda and Swiss Cheese contain Vitamin K2, and just two slices per day can lower the risk of lung cancer by 62% in a German study.

Dr Oz: Processed Foods Salt Cancer Risk

Stomach Cancer can be sneaky, but Dr Li told Dr Oz that cutting down on salt can also lower your blood pressure. Processed foods also contain high amounts of salt.

Protective Mucus is in the stomach to help keep out the carcinogens. However, the more we eat salt, the more we wear down that protective barrier, leaving the stomach more vulnerable to cancer.


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