Dr Oz Cancer Fighting Foods: Jarlsberg Cheese Prevents Lung Cancer?


Dr Oz: Cancer Fighting Grocery List

You’re already going to the grocery store anyway. Why not choose some healthy Cancer Fighting Foods that will help you lower your risk of certain types of cancer? Your health is priceless, so why not make the most of it? Dr Oz and his guests shared the surprising cancer fighting secrets behind some grocery staples, such as produce, seafood and more.

Dr Oz: Cancer Fighting Foods

Dr Oz & Dr Li shared the Cancer Fighting Foods for your grocery list, including seafood, fresh produce & even pecans.


Dr William Li: Cancer Fighting Foods

Dr William Li is a cancer prevention researcher, and he said that we need to change the way we think about Cancer. By addressing dietary concerns, you can actually take a proactive approach and cut off Cancer before it has a chance to take hold in your body, by cutting off the blood supply to cancer cells.

That’s how you can “literally eat to starve cancer,” Dr Li explained. Dr Oz and Dr Li shared the simple shopping tips that can help you achieve this goal. But first, Dr Oz sent shoppers to different sections of a grocery store to pick the foods they thought would help in the fight against cancer.

Dr Oz: Jarlsberg Cheese Vs Lung Cancer

You may not have heard of it, but you’ll want to see if you can find it at your favorite store. Jarlsberg Cheese fights Lung Cancer, which is the top killer of men and women. Even more shocking is that 20% of women with Lung Cancer are non-smokers.


Dr Oz reported that Jarlsberg Cheese tastes like Swiss, but contains Vitamin K, which is produced by a bacteria that’s used in the cheese making process. This could lower your Lung Cancer risk by as much as 62%.

Dr Oz: Bananas Vs Breast Cancer

In the produce aisle, shoppers learned that Bananas can prevent Breast Cancer, which make them a great addition to the cart. Eating just ½ a Banana every day can lower your Breast Cancer risk by 40%. Plus, they’re rich in nutrients and vitamins, like Vitamins A & C.

Dr Oz: Tangerines Vs Esophageal Cancer

Tangerines are smaller than oranges, but they pack a zesty punch, as well as cancer fighting benefits. Fresh squeezed Tangerine Juice can lower your chance of contracting Esophageal Cancer by 40%, so you should try adding at least one glass per day to your morning routine.

Dr Oz: Squash Vs Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Frozen Squash can actually help fight Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, while complementing your main course. One study concluded that women eating frozen Squash twice weekly reduced their risk of this type of cancer by more than ¼. Frozen Squash also works well in soups, and though fresh Squash has the same benefits, frozen varieties tend to last longer, according to Dr Li, who also advocated for the many health benefits of Sweet Potatoes.

Dr Oz: Seafood Vs Breast Cancer

If you like seafood, you’re in luck, because some delicious dishes can fill you up and fight cancer at the same time. Squid and Calamari (sorry, not fried) have Omega 3 Fatt Acids, which are heart healthy Breast Cancer fighters. Adding a three-ounce serving to your meal lowers the risk of Breast Cancer.

Dr Oz: Pecans Vs Colon Cancer

Do you enjoy snacking on Pecans? Keep doing what you’re doing, because these nuts could be helping you lower your risk of developing Colon Cancer. Just 10 halves daily can help you lower your risk. Try crushing them in your Yogurt or snacking on them with fresh fruit.

Dr Oz: Yoga Vs Cancer

Lowering your stress level is also proven to bust cancer. Daily Yoga is a great way to help you shift your thinking and improve your mood. Try Dr Oz’s midday 30 second yoga move to de-stress.

  1. Stand up, with feet spread apart.
  2. Stretch to the right, and then to the left.
  3. Do the Warrior pose on your right and then your left side.
  4. Put your feet together and stretch to reach toward the sky, breathing deeply.


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