Dr Oz: Cancer-Fighting Food + Turmeric, Strawberries & Broccoli


Dr Oz: Foods That Fight Cancer

Dr Oz asked his audience to name cancer-fighting foods that he loves. Audience members yelled out blueberries, cashews, and broccoli, as well as many more. Dr Oz said he was going to rank the best cancer-fighting foods that he wanted everyone to eat every day. He explained that the foods had to be backed by science, inexpensive, and easy to find.

Dr Oz: Turmeric Lowers Cancer Risk

Dr Oz: Cancer-Fighting Food + Turmeric, Strawberries & Broccoli

Dr Oz shared his top three cancer-fighting foods: turmeric, strawberries, and broccoli. (Angela Waye / Shutterstock.com)


Number three on his list was turmeric and he was joined by Sara from Philadelphia. Dr Oz explained that there is a ton of science out there about turmeric that shows it can prevent the development of cancer, the growth of cancer, and the spread of cancer. There are 20 clinical trials that doctors are doing to test its cancer-fighting powers.

Dr Oz then shared that he added some to quinoa and had Sara try it. She said it’s very mild and was expecting it to be a little spicy, but Dr Oz said it could be. He then explained that you should get three teaspoonfuls of turmeric per day whether in sauces, soups, vegetables, or grains.

Dr Oz: Strawberries & Elliagic Acid

Number two was shared by Dr William Li: strawberries. They contain elliagic acid which starves cancer cells, and studies show that eating strawberries can reduce lung cancer risk by about 20%. Elliagic acid can also kill breast cancer and ovarian cancer cells in a lab. Just two or three strawberries a day is all it takes.


Dr Oz: Broccoli Reduces Cancer Risk

Dr Oz then shared that his number one cancer-fighting food is broccoli. Broccoli is associated with up to a 30% reduced risk of lung, colon, and breast cancer. What you may not know is that the part of the broccoli you should eat is the stem, because it has double the benefit of the flower. You should eat one cup raw or one cup cooked broccoli per day.

Dr Oz said he likes to skim off the outside of the stem since it’s a little bit hard. That way you can get all the benefits while still enjoying the food.


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