Dr Oz: Black Raspberry Supplements Fight Cancer


Dr Oz: Cancer Fighting Pills

Doctor Oz and Dr Lindsey Duncan discussed four Cancer Fighting Supplement Pills that could prevent us from getting cancer.  These supplements include Freeze-Dried Black Raspberry Capsules, IP-6, Selenium and Vitamin D3 Supplements.  Some of these pills we have all heard of, but others are new to the health scene.

Dr Oz: Black Raspberry Supplements

Dr Oz said that Black Raspberry Supplement Pills could be used to prevent both Cervical Cancer and Esophageal Cancer.


Dr Oz Black Raspberry Supplements

Dr Oz said Black Raspberry Supplements could prevent Cancer.

He suggested taking 300 mg of Freeze-Dried Black Raspberry Capsules (such as these that we found: Black Raspberry Supplements) two times a day. You can also get a Freeze Dried Black Raspberry Powder to add to smoothies and other recipes!  Most of us are familiar with red raspberries, but few of us have ever seen or eaten black raspberries.  However, since they have darker skin, they actually contain much higher quantities of anthocyanins which fight off cancer.  Now why don’t grocery stores carry Black Raspberries in the produce section? Surely it would be great to eat them naturally in addition to taking the supplements!  However, even if we could find them fresh, we would have to eat 4 cups of black raspberries to equal just one 300 mg Black Raspberry Pill.

Dr Oz: IP-6 Cancer Fighting Supplement

Doctor Oz also spoke about the benefits of taking IP-6, Inositol Hexaphosphate, which can help prevent Colon Cancer, Liver Cancer, and Lung Cancer.  The suggested IP-6 Dosage is 500 mg of the supplements two times per day (such as these pills: IP6 with Inositol).  Studies on IP-6 as a cancer fighter has primarily been done on animals at this point, but it was able to prevent tumors in animal’s lungs, colons, skin, and prostate.  There have been some initial studies done on the effectiveness of IP-6 as a cancer fighting pill in humans, and they point towards the regression of Lung Cancer in cigarette smokers.


Dr Oz: Selenium Cancer Fighting Supplement

Next up, Dr Oz spoke about how Selenium Supplements (200 mcg per day) may prevent Lung Cancer and Colorectal Cancer.  Selenium is a powerful antioxidant which is especially effective when taken with Vitamin E.  So you should speak with your doctor about taking Selenium (such as these: Selenium 200mcg) and Vitamin E Supplements to improve your body’s cancer fighting mojo!

Dr Oz: Vitamin D3 Cancer Fighting Supplement

Dr Oz’s final Cancer Fighting Pill is Vitamin D3, which may be able to help your body prevent Breast Cancer, Cervical Cancer, and Colorectal Cancer.  The dosage is 1,000 IU per day, and of course you can find Vitamin D3 just about anywhere these days!


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