Dr Oz: Avoid Lung Cancer Test & Cancer Tests More Harmful Than Good?


Dr Oz: Consumer Reports Find Cancer Tests Unnecessary

Dr. Oz is the first person who will recommend taking preventative measures to help fight disease or getting tests that help you figure out how to avoid cancer, but some recent tests have revealed startling details. For the first time, Consumer Reports has rated several cancer tests and revealed their findings to show that some cancer tests are just a big waste of money while others are not worth the risk. They claim eight of 11 of the most common cancer screenings should be avoided because they are not needed if you don’t have symptoms or risk factors.

Dr Oz: Do Cancer Screenings Cause More Harm Than Good?

Dr. Santa, Director for Consumer Reports Health Ratings Center, said there are a number of cancer tests that are not needed and some of them even do more harm than good. He said they can lead to stress, more tests and inappropriate treatment.


Dr. Oz argued that doctors are trained to encourage patients to get these tests done before any signs of cancer arise but Dr. Santa said the information Dr. Oz has is outdated and the current tests are not necessary for all patients.

Dr Oz: Being Proactive About Cervical Cancer Unnecessary

Dr. Santa said cancer is a very different disease now than it used to be, making some of the tests obsolete. He explained we are now seeing cancer at the very early stages, like in cervical cancer and other types of cancer, which goes away on its own. He advised we stop doing highly invasive surgery on woman which may be unnecessary and could cause problems in the future.

Dr Oz: Avoid Lung Cancer Test & Cancer Tests More Harmful Than Good?

Dr. Oz looked at the findings of Consumer Reports when they examined cancer tests and he gave his recommendations on what cancer tests everyone needs.


Dr Oz: Cancer Survival Rates Are Misleading

The next reason Dr. Santa said some cancer tests are unnecessary is because the statistics are misleading. He said at Consumer Reports they are often skeptical when it comes to a promise from some sort of advertising which he said is quite common with cancer tests. They might claim a certain test leads to higher survival rates over another cancer test which is not true. They just found the cancer earlier and it could be treated earlier. He even said cancer treatments are the same in that they make it sound like some are more promising because of survival rates.

Dr Oz: Cancer Screening Risks

Dr. Santa told Dr. Oz a lot of people are also getting far too many tests they do not need. By having these tests, these people are putting themselves at risk for more tests, false positives and more unnecessary treatment, like radiation treatments.

Dr. Oz disagreed and said if a test can save one life it is worth performing. Dr. Santa countered that the test would not be worth it if two lives were lost because of unnecessary screenings and also said he feels the pros and cons should be presented to the patient so they can make the decision for themselves.

Dr Oz: Lung Cancer Test Recommendation

Dr. Oz said he has his own recommendation regarding the eight cancer tests that Dr. Santa said you should avoid and he also said his advice is only for those people with no symptoms or risk factors.

Dr. Oz said he agrees with Consumer Reports 100 percent when it comes to tests for bladder, lung and pancreatic cancer. He believes doctors do not have the right tools as of right now to detect these cancers early enough to make a difference.

Dr Oz: Ovarian Cancer Test Recommendation

Dr. Oz said screenings for ovarian, prostate and testicular cancer are in a bit of grey area for him because he believes they can be effective but only when they are done appropriately. He does not see a test as a way to push the patient into the surgery room but more of a way to let them know what they are dealing with and how it can be handled.

Dr. Santa argued the tests are a waste of time, especially in the case of testicular cancer, because it is pretty much curable at any stage so doctors should be spending their time on other more important exams.

Dr Oz: Oral Cancer Test Recommendation

Dr. Oz absolutely disagreed with Dr. Santa and Consumer Reports when it comes to screenings for oral and skin cancer because they are both non-invasibe and can be part of a routine office exam. Yet again, Dr. Santa said these tests are a big waste of time. He firmly believes that we are in control of our own preventative health by eating well, exercising and not smoking cigarettes.


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