Dr Oz: Anthocyanins & Isothiocyanates: Purple Foods & Green Foods


Dr Oz: Antioxidant Guide

Fans of Doctor Oz know that antioxidants carry many health benefits, and now you can get the definitive guide to choosing the best, healthiest food options for your diet plan. Kristen Kirkpatrick is a registered dietitian, and she stopped by the show today to talk about Eating The Rainbow and getting your antioxidants.

She said that most people don’t eat enough nutrient rich foods to the get the full benefits of Antioxidants in their diets. You are actually doing more harm than good to your body when you skip these nutritious benefits


Dr Oz: Eating the Rainbow

Learn how choosing colorful foods can have a huge impact on your health with the benefits of antioxidants.

Doctor Oz: Orange Vs Yellow Foods

If you see Orange or Yellow Foods at the grocery store, these are full of Vitamin A, which keeps your internal organs healthy. They also fuel the body to fight off bacteria and viruses. Other benefits of Vitamin A foods, such as Carrots or Bananas, can be prevention of Depression, Cancer, and Heart Attacks.

According to Kristen Kirkpatrick, whole carrots have the highest nutritive value. Cutting them up before cooking them actually causes nutrients to escape. When it comes to Bananas, the ripe ones are best, because ripening increases the fruit’s antioxidant content.


Dr Oz: Green Foods & Isothiocyanates

The green foods you shop for on your grocery trips contain something almost impossible to pronounce: Isothiocyanates. These do a natural detox on your body, while simultaneously clearing out unwanted free radicals. Here, you should look for things like Cabbage, Parsley, and Broccoli.

The best way to make your Broccoli is to chop it and then let it sit for about five minutes before cooking it. That will allow the vegetable’s cancer-fighting enzymes to activate before you start cooking.

Fresh Parsley is the best option for your health. When it comes to Cabbage, you can increase your health takeaway by adding Vitamin C from Mandarin Oranges.

Dr Oz: Purple Foods & Anthocyanin

Last on Kristen Kirkpatrick’s list were purple foods containing Anthocyanin, which actually prevent internal damage before it happens, and can also repair what’s already been done. These are menu items such as Berries, Plums, and Prunes. Darker is better when you’re looking for purple foods, which can lower your likelihood of suffering a Stroke or Heart Attack.

Even a purple wine like Cabernet has been found to contain Antioxidants, though moderation is the key with wine. The recommended serving size for wine is one glass per day for women, and two glasses a day for men.

Read more about Alcohol Serving Sizes.

Of all these colorful foods, Kristen stressed that green foods are the most important to overall health. Studies have found that healthy populations eat a lot of greens and have a lower cancer risk than the average population.


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