CA-125 Blood Test & Transvaginal Ultrasound: Ovarian Cancer Tests


Dr Oz: Ovarian Cancer Tests

Dr Oz shared the stories of families affected by Ovarian Cancer, as well as the symptoms women should watch for and report to their doctors. He even partnered with the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition (NOCC) and offered free mobile screenings to women in Texas. A team of 40 volunteers worked to help Break The Silence on Ovarian Cancer. Women filled out the Dr Oz Ovarian Cancer One Sheet and were evaluated for their symptoms using one of the Ovarian Cancer Tests, a Transvaginal Ultrasound. Doctors actually saw 500 women in about eight hours to share knowledge and information.

CA-125 Blood Test & Ovarian Cancer Tests: Dr Oz

Dr Oz outlined three Ovarian Cancer tests: CA-125 Blood Test, Recto-Vaginal Exam & Transvaginal Ultrasound.


One of the women Dr Oz encountered there was concerned about her family history, because her own mother died just nine months after being diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. She learned she had a 5.2 cm Cyst, which was cause for concern and evaluation. But when she mentioned her symptoms during her last OB/GYN appointment, she was referred to a Neurologist. Now she was ready to have the tumor removed, though her diagnosis was not yet confirmed.

Dr Oz: Transvaginal Ultrasound

Dr Oz’s guests included Ovarian Cancer experts Dr Barbara Goff and Dr Carol Brown. He asked them to talk about three tests women can ask for to be evaluated for Ovarian Cancer. The first is the Transvaginal Ultrasound, as seen at the mobile screening center Dr Oz visited.

This process uses a probe inside the vagina to examine the ovaries. Before Menopause, a woman’s Ovaries should be roughly the size of a walnut. After Menopause, they are usually almond-sized. The woman Dr Oz met had a cyst the size of a plum on her ovaries. That’s a noticeable difference.


Dr Oz Ovarian Cancer Tests: Recto-Vaginal Exam

Another common Ovarian Cancer test mentioned on the show is the Recto-Vaginal Exam. In this test, a doctor places one finger in the vagina and another in the rectum, which allows for a more accurate digital examination of the ovaries. The typical Pelvic Exam doesn’t provide the best access to the Ovaries because they are so far back.

CA-125 Blood Test for Ovarian Cancer

The last test Dr Oz highlighted for Ovarian Cancer is a CA-125 Blood Test. Dr Brown explained that this test measures protein secreted into the bloodstream in a patient with Ovarian Cancer. On its own, this test cannot definitively diagnose or rule out Ovarian Cancer, but it is a helpful tool for confirming a diagnosis.

In support of Ovarian Cancer awareness, Dr Oz’s guests wore teal ribbons. To help spread the word, be sure to share the Ovarian Cancer Warning Signs with women you care about.


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