Hard Candy Lash Ink & Xen Tan Hard To Reach Back Applicator Reviews


Dr Oz: Anti-Aging Reviews

Dr Oz’s panel of experts shocked his audience by revealing they look as much as 20 years younger than they actually are. They revealed their favorite anti-aging products and the Fountain of Youth Smoothie Recipe earlier in the show. Next, Dr Oz looked at the latest beauty trends, including the Keratin Earth Kit, Hard Candy Lash Ink, and Xen Tan Hard to Reach Back Applicator.

Real Simple editor Didi Gluck was on hand to guide Dr Oz through the year’s cosmetic crazes and beauty trends. See what she had to say about these trendy ideas.


Dr Oz: Keratin Earth Kit

Xen Tan Hard To Reach Back Applicator Review: Dr Oz

Dr Oz & Real Simple reviewed four hot beauty products, including a Xen Tan Hard to Reach Back Applicator review.

Didi advised skipping out on the costly salon treatments and giving your hair the role treatment at home. She said that home Keratin treatments can help you manage dry and frizzy hair, without the Formaldehyde that’s found in some salon formulations.

She suggested using the Keratin Earth Kit about once each month. It’s got shampoo, two types of conditioner, and a sealer. Dr Oz had audience member Gail give it a try, and her once frizzy locks were now silky smooth. Gail believed this product could change her life.


Dr Oz: LCN Nail Lacquer

Gel manicures are the latest in trendy tips, but they can also run up a tab for you. If you’re looking to save some scratch, check out the LCN Nail Lacquer treatment.

While salons use UV lamps to seal your nail job, you can seal the LCN Lacquer yourself using any standard 60-watt bulb. All you have to do is paint on the clear coat and hold your nails under a bulb for three minutes each. The look should last for two weeks.

Dr Oz: Hard Candy Lash Ink Review

Lush lashes are another trendy look right now. While you can get extensions or have your eyelashes tinted, you could also once again skip the pros and do this yourself. Didi reviewed Hard Candy Lash Ink 4-Day Lash Stain. You just brush it in like a mascara for glossy and healthy lashes.

Xen Tan Hard To Reach Back Applicator Review

The tanning salon is always on Dr Oz’s naughty list, but you can spray tan at home using the Xen-Tan Hard To Reach Back Applicator. If you are tired of finding someone else to help you finish up your spray tan (or apply sunscreen to those hard to reach areas), this product is for you. It comes with five pads, and you just change them out once they begin to wear.

Now you’re up on some of the trendiest beauty secrets of the moment, thanks to Dr Oz and Real Simple.


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