Green Coffee Bean Extract Dr Oz: Weight Loss Study vs Liposuction


Dr Oz: Beauty Secrets Without Plastic Surgery

How much are you willing to spend to get the look you want? Collectively, people have made Plastic Surgery a billion dollar industry in this country. But before resorting to such drastic measures, there are other more affordable ways to make personal transformations. Do the benefits truly outweigh the risks, such as blindness or sagging breasts? Plastic surgeon Dr Anthony Youn joined Dr Oz to discuss alternatives to cosmetic procedures, including Green Coffee Bean Extract, Brow Lift Alternatives, and Retinol Cream.

Dr Oz: Green Coffee Bean Extract

Dr Oz & Dr Anthony Youn revealed affordable alternatives to plastic surgery, including Green Coffee Bean Extract.


Dr Oz: Green Coffee Bean Extract Review

Dr Youn said that the biggest plastic surgery secret doctors don’t tell you is that the fat you have removed during a liposuction procedure will probably come back somewhere else on your body. An average procedure may remove three liters of fat (that sounds like a lot!) from a patient’s thighs. But often this fat will later resurface on the arms or another area, which Dr Youn said is called The Popeye Effect.

As an alternative to liposuction, Dr Oz and Dr Youn suggested Green Coffee Bean Extract, which slows down the release of glucose from food during the body’s digestive processes. This has been proven to help patients avoid putting on pounds in the first place, which means you don’t have to worry about figuring out how to get rid of them.

Dr Oz: Brow Lift Alternatives

Brow Lifts are another popular cosmetic procedure, but are they really worth the expense? According to Dr Youn, patients can often achieve similar results by tweezing or waxing their own brows, while saving thousands in the process.


A typical Brow Lift costs about $5,000 and is a two-hour procedure, with recovery time afterwards. Waxing and tweezing is much less expensive and doesn’t require a time commitment or much recovery time.

Dr Oz: Botox Vs Fillers & Retinol Cream

Dr Youn revealed another shocking admission. If your beautician or physician isn’t following proper procedures, filler injections could cause blindness. There is a so-called “danger area” between your eyebrows, and some patients have become permanently blind due to improper techniques.

If you’re having fillers injected, make sure to only do the procedures with a trained and board certified plastic surgeon. Dr Youn went a step further, recommending Botox as opposed to other cosmetic fillers. A typical Botox treatment runs about $500, and Dr Youn implied that it’s a safer way to go.

For those trying to save even more money or avoid a trip to the doctor, Retinol Cream can work magic when it comes to managing wrinkles. Dr Youn and Dr Oz agreed that it works to tighten the skin, and it can be found at your local drugstore for less than $30.


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