Flexees Easy Up Unitard, Rago Longline Bra & Lipo In A Box Reviews


Dr Oz Shapewear Reviews

While you’re waiting for the 15 Minute Shaun T Workout from his Insanity Home DVDs to work their magic on your midsection, you may still want some help looking slimmer and sexier in your favorite outfits. Dr Oz’s show featured reviews of products including the Rago Longline Bra & Thigh Slimmer, Lipo In A Box, and Flexees Easy Up Unitard.

To help give women advice on how to get the most from these products, Dr Oz talked with Janie Bryant, the Emmy Award-winning costume designer for AMC’s Mad Men, which is set in the 1960s at a Madison Avenue ad agency. Dr Oz shared an interesting fact, that modern women are about 25 pounds heavier than they were in the Mad Men era. (What about the men?)


Dr Oz Rago Longline & Shapewear Reviews

Dr Oz got the slimming Hollywood wardrobe secrets from a Mad Men costume designer, with shapewear reviews including Rago Longline garments.

Historically, undergarments were designed for an hourglass figure, and Janie said that you can still get this effect if you know what products to watch for. There are also products on the market to help shape the stomach, butt, and other problem areas.

Rago Longline Bra & Thigh Slimmer Reviews for Pear Shape

Audience member Nicole said her biggest problem areas are her hips and butt. She has a pear shape, holding weight around her hips and making her body look unbalanced. Janie had two products in mind for her.


Rago Longline Bra – This item is made to lift and shape the upper body, and it’s found online or at your lingerie store for around $40.

Rago Thigh Slimmer – As its name suggests, the thigh slimmer smoothes over the hips and helps turn a pear figure into more of an hourglass shape, and it sells for about $45.

To see how the products worked, Nicole went backstage and put them on under a dress. She said the undergarments helped her feel sexy, and even in the knit dress her body appeared smooth. Dr Oz hinted at the psychological component of fashion, which is that Nicole seemed more confident while wearing the Rago products.

Flexees Easy Up Unitard Review for Apple Shape

Elizabeth’s problem area is her belly, and Janie diagnosed her figure as an Apple. Large stomachs tend to make people feel less comfortable and more self-conscious in their clothes. But Janie had just the thing in her bag of tricks.

The Flexees Easy Up Unitard creates a single, smooth line. Elizabeth modeled it, saying that she felt great. She observed that it even improved her posture and relieved her back pain. The product sells online for around $45.

Lipo In A Box Review

Audience member Stacey said she felt bad about her body generally, and didn’t have a problem area to target. That’s what inspired Janie’s final recommendation.

Lipo In A Box Shapewear works all over the body to help you smooth over your least favorite features. Stacey tried it out with a belt, and noted that it was comfortable. She definitely had a more pulled together look going on.

Have you tried any of Janie’s tricks or products? Or do you have a tip not mentioned on the show? Share it in the comments.


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