Dr Oz Y Lift Review & Procedure: Y Lift Vs Facelift


Dr Oz: Y Lift Facelift

Dr Oz wanted to help us understand how to look more beautiful. After getting advice on inner beauty from Goldie Hawn’s Depression Cure and Goldie’s Golden Rules, he turned his focus to outer beauty with Dr Yan Trokel, a cosmetic surgeon behind the Y Lift, which claims to offer instant results and help patients look younger. Does the Y Lift really work?

Y Lift Vs Facelift: Dr Oz

Y Lift Review: Dr Oz

Dr Oz had a Y Lift Review & procedure performed during the show on an audience member. Find out the comparison between a Y Lift Vs Facelift.


The Y Lift gets its name from the ideal shape of the cheekbones, which resembles the letter Y. In cosmetic surgery, the goal in a more youthful look is a nice jowl line with a taut neck, forming a Y. This procedure doesn’t make any cuts, and it takes less than an hour at a doctor’s office.

Unlike traditional facelifts, there is no pulling or tugging involved in the Y Lift. Instead, this process attempts to replace some of the facial volume that the face loses with age, leading to the instant result.

Dr Oz: Y Lift Review & Procedure

Did you notice a difference in the Before and After pictures Dr Oz showed? He invited Amy, a patient who had the treatment, to share her experience.


Amy reported that her procedure lasted about 30 minutes, and she went back to work the same day. She said she would recommend the procedure to friends.

Dr Oz used an animation to explain how the skin begins to sag as we age. Our skull begins to elongate and it pulls the skin down.

Lunchtime Facelift: Dr Oz

Diane was in Dr Oz’s audience, and she had the opportunity to have the Y Lift performed during the show. She was prepped backstage, and then Dr Trokel used a marker to make notations on her cheek and jowl line.

Y Lift Facelift: Dr Oz

Then he injected a needle into her cheeks, but Diane said it didn’t hurt. Dr Trokel continued to rebuild the cheekbone, finishing his work by molding and sculpting. The difference was noticeable after just that quick process, but it’s harder to say what the long term results might be for Diane.

To wrap up his Y Lift treatment, Dr Trokel worked on the front of Diane’s face and did a few finishing touches. He said he has been doing this procedure for about six years and is beginning to get interest from other doctors who want to be trained to do the Y Lift.

Would you try the Y Lift? Does it sound like a better option than the traditional facelift?



  1. Joan McCoy says

    I would like to know how much it cost and how long it last.
    He may have told us but he did I missed it.

    • says

      I don’t think they mentioned price, and I’m having trouble coming up with solid figures, but according to Dr Trokel’s website, the results can last up to two years.

  2. Pam McKinley says

    Could you please tell me how much the Y lift costs and how long it lasts. Could you also tell me if this procedure is available in Canada.

    • says

      Try checking Dr Trokel’s website, ylift.com, to see if it’s available near you. The procedure’s effects reportedly can last up to two years, but I do not know for certain how much it costs.

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