Dr Oz: Why Does Wendy Williams Wear Wigs? Wendy’s Hair World Review


Dr Oz: Why Does Wendy Williams Wear Wigs?

Dr Oz’s guest, Wendy Williams, is an expert on wigs. She is known for her outlandish and eye-catching hairstyles, and this was her chance to turn the tables and teach Oz a few things about fake hair. Check out Wendy’s Hair World line of wigs, which she mentioned on the show.



  1. says

    How you doin Wendy,
    I also wear a wig every day but its because I have Alopecia Areata which at forty years old I lost all of my hair . I was devastated to say the least . So I had to start wearing wigs . Now I’ve graduated to the Hans Weinan wig that looks like its growing right out of my head!!! It’s long and beautiful and everyone says so . It’s expensive but I never have a bad hair day .
    Your friend

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