Dr Oz: Why Does Wendy Williams Wear Wigs? Wendy’s Hair World Review


Dr Oz: Why Does Wendy Williams Wear Wigs?

Dr Oz’s guest, Wendy Williams, is an expert on wigs. She is known for her outlandish and eye-catching hairstyles, and this was her chance to turn the tables and teach Oz a few things about fake hair. Check out Wendy’s Hair World line of wigs, which she mentioned on the show.

Wendy explained that she wears wigs because she has Thyroid Disease. She said that this caused her hair to thin significantly, starting about 10 years ago. “I wear them for a reason, and I don’t wear weaves, because the actual hair that I have on my head, it’s a little too fine to take the pulling of a weave,” she said.


Dr Oz: Wendy Williams Hair World Review

Wendy Williams Hair World is her new line of hair products, and she said that she wears wigs to preserve her dignity. Williams said that a wiggy is someone who is an expert on all things wig.

Dr Oz: Why Does Wendy Williams Wear Wigs? Wendy's Hair World Review

Wendy Williams explained the health reason why she wears wigs, but does not wear weaves. She has a line of Wendy Williams Hair World products available.

She said she loves the texture, touch, and smell of wigs, and she keeps wigs at work and at home. Dr Oz was surprised to learn that Wendy cuts and styles some of her own wigs.


Dr Oz: How Much Do Wigs Cost?

Wendy’s fan, Antoinette, joined her and Dr Oz onstage to learn more about fake hair. Wendy showed off the natural-looking part in her wig, explaining that wigs can range in cost from $49 to $1,000.

Antoinette said that she loves Wendy’s confidence, and appreciates how down-to-earth Williams is. “I need somebody who I can relate to on my level,” Antoinette said.

Dr Oz: Who’s Wearing That Wig?

Dr Oz faced off against Antoinette in a game hosted by Wendy Williams, called Who’s Wearing That Wig? She questioned them about faceless photos of stars wearing wigs, including Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna.

You can get more of Wendy’s opinions and insights every weekday on The Wendy Williams Show. Check your local listings to find out when it’s on in your area.



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    How you doin Wendy,
    I also wear a wig every day but its because I have Alopecia Areata which at forty years old I lost all of my hair . I was devastated to say the least . So I had to start wearing wigs . Now I’ve graduated to the Hans Weinan wig that looks like its growing right out of my head!!! It’s long and beautiful and everyone says so . It’s expensive but I never have a bad hair day .
    Your friend

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