Dr Oz: What is Revenge Surgery & Discounted Procedures for Divorcees


Dr Oz: What Are Plastic Surgery Divorce Packages?

Dr. Oz told his audience he is disturbed by a new trend in plastic surgery. He said plastic surgeons are offering discounts to women who have recently been through a tough breakup or divorce. They tell these women they will improve their appearance for them and make them feel better for a lower price than their other patients.

Dr Oz: 19 Percent Of Plastic Surgeons Offer Discounts To Divorced Women

Plastic surgeon Dr. Brent Moelleken told Dr. Oz he offers discounts to newly divorced women because their lives are often in shambles after something so traumatic. He said it is his job not only to perform plastic surgery and fix people’s appearance, but to help people get their lives back on track. Many critics are arguing that the women are being tricked and coerced into the plastic surgery but Dr. Moelleken said that is not the case. He said he never coerces anyone because they will be unhappy with the procedure if it is something they truly do not want.


Don’t think Dr. Moelleken is the only plastic surgeon offering discounts to recently divorced women. Dr. Oz did some research and found that 19 percent of plastic surgeons are offering discounts for divorced women.

Dr Oz: What is Revenge Surgery & Discounted Procedures for Divorcees

Dr. Oz talked with two plastic surgeons who said they offer discounts to women who recently got divorced but don’t see it as coercing them into revenge surgery.

Dr Oz: Revenge Surgery After a Divorce

Dr. Michael Niccole say too often women get “revenge surgery” right after a divorce. He said most doctors are not willing to perform surgery on a patient who has only been divorced for three to six months. If a woman comes to him right after a divorce, he refers them to a psychologist so they can prepare for the reality of plastic surgery, something he said any other ethical doctor would do.


Dr Oz: Plastic Surgeons Screen Potential Patients

Dr. Alicia Salzer, a psychiatrist, said the practice of offering discounted plastic surgery to women who just got divorced is sleazy. She said it is a time in a woman’s life when they are both emotionally and financially vulnerable, making them easy targets for plastic surgeons to take advantage of.

Both Dr. Michael Niccole and Dr. Brent Moelleken denied they take advantage of women by offering discounts. They said they do psychological screenings on all their patients to make sure they are ready for a life-changing procedure.

Dr Oz: Dr. Michael Niccole Upsells Procedures To Patients

Dr. Michael Niccole told Dr. Oz he takes offense to the term “discount” because it sounds negative. He said he does try to upsell some of his patients, suggesting other procedures they can get.

Dr. Brent Moelleken, on the other hand, said he takes time with his patients who want to get everything done to help them focus on what they need the most and fixing the concerns the person has about their body.

Dr. Salzer added that women automatically focus on their physical appearance after a divorce, which makes them more vulnerable to a doctor who is offering a discount package for multiple procedures.


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