Dr Oz: Should You Wear a Corset To Lose Weight? Corset Diet Review


Dr Oz: Should You Wear a Corset To Lose Weight?

Dr Oz has learned through the years that people will go to great lengths to lose weight. Now an old-school beauty trend is back in fashion. The Victorian corset has been used for over a century to create a flat stomach and small waist in the Corset Diet.

After years of rebellion, women are returning to this time-tested weight loss method. Jessica Alba and Brooke Burke have been among the celebrity users. The Corset Diet is supposed to suppress your appetite, shrink your waist, and reshape curves. But Dr Oz wanted to talk about whether it could truly work.


Dr Oz: What is the Corset Diet?

Dr Oz: Should You Wear a Corset To Lose Weight? Corset Diet Review

Would you try the Corset Diet to reshape your curves and help you lose weight? Dr Oz talked with women who found it successful to share medical perspective.

Chanel said she has been doing the Corset Diet for five months. Belinda decided to try it out after some other methods did not get results for her. One of the benefits is that it can effortlessly help to sculpt the body.

The ladies said they have lost pounds and inches thanks to their Corset Diets. Chanel said that she is less comfortable when she is not wearing it. She only takes it off to work out or take a shower.


Dr Oz: Corset Diet Guidelines

The Corset Diet suggests starting out by wearing a corset for three hours at a time, gradually working your way up to 12 hours daily. It should be about four inches smaller than your waist size, and you would step down in size as you slim down.

The instructions also say never to eat without wearing the corset and to do the program for a six-week period. But women like Chanel are wearing it for longer periods of time. She demonstrated how she puts hers on. She has gone from a 26” corset to a 22” corset, which she laced up for Dr Oz’s audience, who seemed shocked at how tight her corset was.

Dr Oz: Corset Diet Uncomfortable?

Chanel said she was not uncomfortable and liked the support it gave her. Belinda said she wears her corset for about eight hours daily. She had her corset on during the show, and she proudly showed it off.

Dr Oz did not want to judge the Corset Diet, but he did offer some medical perspective. He worried that it was squeezing on the lungs and intestines. He worried that the negative health effects could accrue over time.

Dr Oz Corset Alternative

Dr Oz shared his Oz-approved Corset Alternative. He suggested using a high-waisted nylon, which he suggested would compress the stomach without the negative health effects. The ladies agreed that they may try this out based on his recommendation.


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