Dr Oz: Waist Training Trend + What Corsets Do To Your Body


Dr Oz: Waist Training

Dr Oz explained that there’s a trend sweeping the nation called waist training, and he was going to investigate whether it was safe. Kim Kardashian had the entire Internet buzzing after she posted a picture of herself squeezed into a corset, revealing a tight hourglass figure. Kim Kardashian is just the latest celebrity to jump on the waist training bandwagon, joining other stars like Brooke Burke, Jessica Alba, and Snooki.

Dr Oz: Waist Training Trend + What Corsets Do To Your Body

Dr Oz discussed the dangers of the popular waist training trend and showed what wearing a corset does to your insides. (m.ekzarkho / Shutterstock.com)


Corsets were originally made popular during the Victorian era, but women are once again squeezing themselves into corsets, sometimes wearing them for up to 12 hours a day. Waist trainers believe it will permanently shrink their waistline while reshaping their big hips and bottoms, while suppressing their appetites. The trend has taken social media by storm, with thousands of women taking photos of themselves in the corsets.

Dr Oz: Wearing Corset To Achieve A Smaller Waist

Dr Oz was joined by Duana, who has been waist training for a year and a half. She shared that she’s lost 15 pounds and gone from a size 30 waist to a size 24. Dr Oz showed a picture of her before, asking what prompted her to want to start waist training. She explained that it was a phenomenon going on and she wanted to try it out to see how it would go. Because of the results she saw, she’s been doing it ever since.

Fans of waist training will say that it doesn’t just help you lose weight, but it actually reshapes you with virtually no effort. Duana said there is effort involved. She wears it about 18 hours a day and she was actually wearing one on the show. She then lifted her shirt to show her waist, revealing a dramatically squeezed down waistline. To me, it looked completely unnatural, because she literally had an hourglass figure.


Duana said it was uncomfortable at first, but then she got used to it. She then showed a couple of her own corsets, picking up one and explaining that she wears it when she works out to trap in heat. Another one she wears during the day and throughout the course of the evening, while the one she currently had on was the one she would wear while “out and about” because it’s the most constricting.

She said her husband first had to help her put the corsets on but now she’s gotten to where she can do it herself. She said her husband actually hates it, telling her to take it off.

Dr Oz: What Waist Training Does To Your Body

Dr Oz then wanted to show what waist training could be doing to your insides. He showed that first, you’re squeezing on the lungs, reducing the ability to breathe easily and reducing the flow of oxygen. It also squeezes your stomach, which could help you lose weight but could also cause reflux. The ribs will also be molded inward, compressing organs that aren’t supposed to be squeezed. He said that’s theoretically what’s happening, but wanted to find out for sure.

Duana went for an MRI and was screened without a corset, and then again with the corset on. He showed an MRI of Duana without the corset on, saying she looks pretty normal. The organs were where they’re supposed to be.

When she put the MRI on, her waist size shrunk by about two inches, her diaphragm was pushed up about two inches, her other solid organs were pushed up, and there were indentations where the rib cage was being pushed into the side of the liver. Dr Oz said that’s an issue for him, and Duana said it’s an issue for her as well.

Dr Oz: Waist Training Dangers

Dr Oz was joined by Dr Nicole Florence, who has studied waist training, and she said that there is no clinical evidence to support the theory that waist training can help you lose weight. She said although it makes sense that it would, it’s never been proven as a safe way to do so. Dr Florence said the waist training images show that if you compress and constrict the body long enough, it will conform. The question is whether it would be permanent.

Dr Florence said it’s possible that waist training could be a gateway to eating disorders, saying that she always has to ask women what their goal is. She said if there are body image issues, they get to the point where they will go to any length to get the perfect body that they may never achieve.

She said there are a lot of serious health concerns, like recurrent pneumonia. If the colon can’t move freely, there’s a high risk of constipation, and if you can’t return blood flow to the heart, it can affect blood pressure or cause dizziness and even fainting.

Dr Oz: Should You Give Up Waist Training

Dr Oz then talked to a few people who have tried waist training. Jasmine has been waist training for three months and said that she didn’t know any of this information, but she will continue because she loves the results and it helps her tremendously with her workouts because it makes her sweat more.

Jen had been waist training for a year and said it has helped her posture and suppressed her appetite. She said she may dial back a bit and not wear it for as long. Duana said the same, that she would scale back but continue the practice.

Dr Oz said he understands why women want the perfect hourglass figure, he just doesn’t believe that constricting your abdomen and possibly putting your health at risk is the best option.


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