Dr Oz: Vitamin Creams Heal Stretch Marks & Dry Brush Reduces Cellulite


Dr Oz: How To Treat Stretch Marks At Home

Dr. Oz shared some of the best ways to great rid of spider veins and cellulite but for those of you who do not want to have needles stuck in your legs, Dr. Oz brought on a team of specialists who have even more ways to get rid of spider veins and cellulite.

Dr Oz: Topical Vitamin Creams Help With Stretch Marks

Many women wrote to Dr. Oz about embarrassing stretch marks on their legs, wanting advice on how they could rid of them. Dr. Ariel Ostad always tells his patients they need to put vitamin creams on their skin. By applying vitamin creams to your skin, you can improve the skin’s appearance and minimize the stretch marks. Dr. Ostad suggested treating the stretch marks as soon as they appear.


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