Dr Oz: Vitamin Creams Heal Stretch Marks & Dry Brush Reduces Cellulite


Dr Oz: How To Treat Stretch Marks At Home

Dr. Oz shared some of the best ways to great rid of spider veins and cellulite but for those of you who do not want to have needles stuck in your legs, Dr. Oz brought on a team of specialists who have even more ways to get rid of spider veins and cellulite.

Dr Oz: Topical Vitamin Creams Help With Stretch Marks

Many women wrote to Dr. Oz about embarrassing stretch marks on their legs, wanting advice on how they could rid of them. Dr. Ariel Ostad always tells his patients they need to put vitamin creams on their skin. By applying vitamin creams to your skin, you can improve the skin’s appearance and minimize the stretch marks. Dr. Ostad suggested treating the stretch marks as soon as they appear.


Dr Oz: Vitamin Creams Heal Stretch Marks & Dry Brush Reduces Cellulite

Dr. Oz revealed rubbing vitamin creams on stretch marks will heal them, a dry brush can get rid of cellulite and he looked at some funny signs in bathrooms.

The following are the best vitamins to rub on your skin.

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin C

Dr Oz: Exercise Band Exercises For Fat Knees

Dr. Oz also said many people women wrote into him complaining about fat knees, so he asked Dr. Leonard Grossman to share his advice on how to fix a fat knee. Dr. Grossman said the best thing to do is buy an exercise band which can be used for resistance to tone the spots of your legs you don’t like.


Dr Oz: Dry Brush Reduces Cellulite By Increasing Circulation

The last complaint Dr. Oz shared came from a woman who was embarrassed by the cellulite on the front of her thighs. Dr. Jame Heskett suggested using a dry brush on the cellulite because it will get the lymphatic system flowing and draining. You simply need to brush gently, in an upward motion, starting at the bottom of your legs and moving up towards your heart. This will increase the circulation in your legs, thus improving the appearance of your legs.

Dr Oz: Fixing An Ugly Haircut

Rodney Cutler, a professional hairstylist, said the first thing he tells a woman when she says she hates her haircut is to not panic because there is always a way to fix an ugly haircut, no matter how bad it looks. While some of the fixes can’t happen overnight, Cutler said others can be fixed easily from the comfort of your own home.

He said it is all about working with a woman’s natural beauty and features when trying to give a haircut that will leave the woman feeling empowered and confident.

Dr Oz: Funny Signs In the Bathroom

Dr. Oz has found some pretty funny signs hanging in bathrooms around the country and he wanted to share his favorites on the show today. Hopefully they make you laugh as much as they made him laugh.

  1. Boys…Please put down the toilet seat…So…..The girls don’t fall in.
  2. Sprinkles are for cupcakes, NOT for toilet seats!
  3. If at first you don’t succeed…..flush, flush, flush again.
  4. Courtesy Flush Awareness Week – Support the Cause!!
  5. Notice: Due to plumbing issues, please use this stall for “loose” or diarrheal type bowel movements ONLY. Thank you.
  6. If you sprinkle when you tinkle, please be neat and wipe the seat.



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