Dr Oz: Velashape Review, Cost & Results: Cellulite Treatment Remedy


Dr Oz: Cellulite Solutions

Are you struggling to get rid of Cellulite? This is a popular topic among viewers, because it affects so many women. Dr Oz invited a guest to explain the benefits of a promising new treatment, FDA-approved Velashape review for cellulite removal.

Women are always wondering what works and how to get the best results from their Cellulite Treatments. In fact, this is a popular topic that was recently addressed with Dr Oz’s Seaweed Cellulite Mask Recipe. You can also check out what Dr Oz had to say about Lierac Cellulite Remover.


Velashape Review: Dr Oz

Dr Oz featured a Velashape Review & demonstration of the new FDA-approved Cellulite treatment.

To show off a new solution, Dr Oz welcomed a guest to demonstrate Velashape. Dr Lori Brightman is a dermatologist, and she explained that the new process combines infrared technology and radiofrequency to force the skin to produce new collagen. This creates a smoother appearance instead of cellulite, and the results of this pain-free procedure are visible instantly.

Velashape Review: Velashape Cellulite Treatment

Kathy was in Dr Oz’s audience, and she was the lucky volunteer who got a free treatment on the show. To get the process started, Dr Brightman applied protective lotion on Kathy’s skin. She said that the process should feel like a deep tissue massage, because it uses repetitive suction.


As she performed the procedure, Dr Brightman let the cameras see the area she treated on Kathy’s legs. It was pink, which she explained meant that the heat was penetrating deep below the surface of the skin.

Dr Oz: Velashape Cost & Results

The Velashape process takes about four to six treatments for ideal results, and the cost is between $400-700 per treatment.

Dr Oz featured a few before and after pictures of patients, and the difference was clear. But there was no way to know how many treatments each of them had to get where they are today. Your results may vary.

The effects of this Velashape treatment will last for many months if you maintain an active lifestyle. If you are more sedentary, you can expect it to last about two months.



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