Dr Oz: Vaniqa Review: FDA-Approved Upper Lip Hair Removal Cream


Dr Oz: Facial Hair Removal

Facial hair is a common occurrence for men, but it can be very embarrassing for women to grow unwanted facial hair. That was the case for a woman in the Dr Oz audience who was upset about the hair that grows on her upper lip.

Vaniqa Review: Dr Oz

You don't have to hide your upper lip hair anymore. A new product can block the hormones that cause it. Dr Oz shared a Vaniqa review.


Attempts to remove the hair via tweezing, waxing and even bleaching didn’t work; nor did a technique called sugaring. This made the woman feel self-conscious and concerned that people always stared at her lip in conversation. As a music teacher, she was constantly getting questions about her moustache. (Kids know how to be brutally honest.)

Dr Oz: What Causes Women’s Facial Hair?

The cause behind women’s facial hair is something Dr Oz speaks about often on his show. Hormonal changes affect the body as you age. An animation demonstrated how the Ovaries change over time, eventually producing more testosterone and less estrogen than before. This can stimulate follicular hair growth that can come as a surprise to women experiencing it for the first time.

Dr Oz: Vaniqa Review

Dermatologist Dr Susan C. Taylor demonstrated a product called Vaniqa, which is the first product on the market approved by the Food and Drug Adminstration (FDA) to treat unwanted hair.


Dr Taylor spoke about how Vaniqa blocked the hormones that lead to hair growth. The application dosage is twice daily on the upper lip. Though a small tube costs about $100, it should last for up to three months.

Dr Oz: Vaniqa Cost

I guess the real question is whether $300-400 per year is worth it to keep a smooth, naked upper lip. Dr Taylor seemed to be saying that you would have to use this product on an ongoing basis.

But with Vaniqa now on the market, it may not be long before similar products emerge and cause price fluctuation. Maybe there are even more innovative hair solutions on the horizon.

Have you heard of this product, or do you know someone who has tried it? Share your results in the comments.



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