Dr Oz: Vampire Facelift Vs Clear & Beautiful Fraxel Laser


Dr Oz: Changing Your Skin’s Real Age

Dr Oz had his audience try out the Real Age skin test to find out whether their skin’s age is older or younger than their true age. The results were surprising for some, but Dr Oz wasn’t going to leave anyone hanging. Instead, he spent some time on the show addressing solutions for some common skin concerns. Find out what he had to say about SkinCeuticals, the Vampire Facelift, and other beauty treatments.

Dr Oz: SkinCeuticals Review

Vampire Facelift Vs Clear & Beautiful: Dr Oz

Dr Oz shared reviews of trendy beauty procedures, including the Vampire Facelift and Clear & Beautiful laser.


So-called cosmetic cop (is there an academy for that?) Paula Begoun was on hand to help explain some of the trendy treatments in this segment. She highlighted the SkinCeuticals Wrinkle Eraser, as well as antioxidant ingredients and Retinol, as game changers when it comes to taking better care of your skin.

Dr Oz: Philosophy Miracle Worker Review Vs Elure Review

Dark spots can be a stubborn beauty problem, but Paula suggested looking into a product called Philosophy Miracle Worker, which is supposed to help with those. OTC skin cream by Elure can actually reduce melanin and the appearance of age spots.

These are just a few highlighted products out of many in the beauty industry. Just remember that there are many scams and ineffective products out there.


Vampire Facelift Review & Cost

What if you want to take a more drastic and dramatic approach to revitalizing your look? Dr Anne Chapas shared her professional insights on surgical techniques and procedures that are growing in popularity.

The Vampire Facelift actually takes your own plasma (from your blood) and injects it into wrinkles. The effect is skin plumping in the injection area and advanced skin growth. But it’s going to cost you. The Vampire Facelift could require multiple sessions to be effective, and they run about $900 per visit.

If you’ve got the dough and this is important to you, the show suggested that the results are worth the pricetag.

Clear & Brilliant Fraxel Wrinkle Treatment Review & Cost

Laser treatments are used for many different medical applications these days. Tiffany from the audience got to be the guinea pig for Dr Oz’s Clear & Brilliant Fraxel Wrinkle Treatment.

The laser worked by removing dead skin and leaving a smooth appearance in its wake. This is a little more affordable, averaging around $350 per treatment.

Have you tried any of the beauty solutions featured in this segment? We’ve seen the show, but we’d love to know how well they really work.


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