Dr Oz: Tretinoin Cream Vs Retinol & Stretch Marks Microdermabrasion


Dr Oz: Goodbye Stretch Marks

Dr. Oz said that more than half of us have Stretch Marks, but new solutions could help them disappear with products like Vitamin C Lotion, Tretinoin Cream, and Microdermabrasion.  Dr. Oz was able to illustrate the latest stretch mark remedies and explained what causes them in the first place. Stretch Marks can change colors, as sufferers probably know. His assistant was a mother of two, so she knew a few things about stretch marks. But lets get to the important stuff, what causes stretch marks? And what can we do to get rid of them? Here are the simple ingredients you need:


Dr Oz: What Causes Stretch Marks?

Dr Oz: Tretinoin Cream Vs Retinol & Stretch Marks Microdermabrasion

Whether your stretch marks are old or new, Dr Oz shared methods you could use to get relief from them, including Tretinoin Cream and Microdermabrasion.

Dr Oz said that Pregnancy, Weight Gain, and Growth Spurts can be the three most common causes of Stretch Marks. He said they start beneath the skin before coming up to the surface.

Typically, the skin is flexible, but over time, these culprits can make damaging changes to the skin. Redness that may appear is a sign of the body attempting to heal itself. But swelling can work against that.


Dr Oz: Vitamin C Lotion for Stretch Marks

You might be pleasantly surprised that you can address your stretch marks even if you have had them for years. Dr Oz’s first solution is Vitamin C Lotion, which can boost collagen to help keep the skin strong and taut. Apply the lotion in the morning and at night.

Dr Oz: Tretinoin Cream Vs Retinol

For earlier stretch marks that are darker in color, ask about prescription Tretinoin Cream containing Vitamin A, or try Retinol, an over the counter option that can be more affordable.

Dr Oz: Microdermabrasion for Stretch Marks

Microdermabrasion is another method that can be used to treat unsightly stretch marks. The method, which was demonstrated on a patient, blasted away surface cells to encourage the skin to grow and repair itself. You would need a minimum of three treatments, which could cost $150 per session.

Have you found a new method to address those pesky stretch marks?


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