Dr Oz: Tilia Bud Extract Shampoo & Biotin Supplement for Hair Loss


Dr Oz: 7 Days To a Fuller Head of Hair

Thinning hair can be a sign of aging, but no one wants to see that in the drain or in a brush. Dr Oz said he had a seven-day plan to help you have a fuller head of hair. Learn the benefits of a Biotin supplement, Toppik spray, and Tilia Bud Extract.

Kendra, a Dr Oz audience member, has been battling thinning hair for a decade. She said that it has progressed outward from the crown of her head. It is more excessive at times, but it comes and goes. She said that she has thin hair on the front and top, though it remains full in the back.


She has tried home remedies and consulted a dermatologist. Her favorite remedy is castor oil and cayenne pepper, a mixture applied to the hair. But what else can she try?

Dr Oz: How Fast Does Hair Grow?

Dr Oz: Tilia Bud Extract Shampoo & Biotin Supplement for Hair Loss

Say goodbye to thinning hair with Dr Oz’s seven-day plan to help you regrow with protein, a Biotin supplement, and Tilia Bud Extract volumizing shampoo.

According to trichologist Dr Candy Lewis, nutrition and protein are important. Sometimes stress is a contributing factor that could be addressed. Hormonal shifts can make an impact as well.


Dr Lewis told Dr Oz that once the body gets what it needs, it can begin producing hair right away. Hair typically grows at a rate of 1/2” per month, which means results may seem to appear gradually.

Dr Oz: Eat Protein At Every Meal

The first step of Dr Oz’s seven-day plan is to eat protein at every meal. Chicken, fish, and even wild game can be good sources. Protein helps the body to produce hair, but it goes to high priority areas of the body first, such as the Heart, Liver, Lungs, Kidneys, and Brain. All of these functions are more critical than hair when it comes to doling out protein stores. More protein coming in means more to distribute throughout the body.

Dr Oz: Biotin Supplement for Hair Regrowth

Dr Oz also recommended a Biotin supplement, which protects the skin, where hair is produced. Skin issues are more prevalent during winter, and Biotin can help to keep it supple and soft. Though not everyone has a Biotin deficiency, it can be common. Take 1,000 to 3,000 mg Biotin supplement daily, and it helps to take it with a multivitamin.

Dr Oz: Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner with Tilia Bud Extract

Kendra said that she prefers natural products. Dr Lewis and Dr Oz recommended using Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner, preferably containing Tilia Bud Extract among the ingredients. This ingredient helps the hair strands stand individually.

Dr Oz: Toppik Review for Fuller Hair

The next tip Dr Oz had to share was related to beauty products. Dr Lewis compared it to mascara for the hair, which helps to create a fuller appearance. The Toppik Spray product coats the existing hair to make it seem thicker and provide more coverage.



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