Dr Oz: Thinning Hair Tips + Oil “Pre-poo” & Colored Powder


Dr Oz: Tips For Thinning Hair

Dr Oz shared that women are just as likely to deal with hair loss as the men in their lives. By the age of 50, up to half of women will experience thinning hair. He said he had tips to help you say goodbye to thinning hair. To help combat the issue, Dr Oz enlisted celebrity hair stylist Sally Hershberger and natural hair expert Curly Nikki Walton.

Nikki Walton started by sharing that thinning hair can happen for a couple of reasons, starting with daily routines like excessive washing with shampoos that contain sulfates, excessive heat styling, and constantly pulling your hair back into a tight hairstyle. Hormones also come into play, but the good news is that there are things that can make our hair thicker. There are also things that can be done in the long term to maintain the hair you currently have and promote healthy hair growth.


Dr Oz: Thinning Hair Tips + Oil "Pre-poo" & Colored Powder

Dr Oz welcomed two hair experts to his show to talk about how you can treat and conceal damaged thinning hair. (kelttt / Shutterstock.com)

Sally says there are certain cuts and styles you can use to make your hair appear fuller and thicker. Sally said the right cut and style can make you look 10 years younger right away. Layers can add volume as well.

Dr Oz: Pre-Shampoo With Oil

Nikki explained what a “pre-poo” is, which is a pre-shampoo treatment that protects the hair strands with a layer of oil to keep the hair from absorbing too much water, leading to less damage. If you do this before every single wash, Nikki said it’s necessary and you’ll see a definite improvement. She recommended coconut oil for the finest hair, and for those with medium-type hair, she recommended amla oil. If you have real thick, course hair, she suggested you pre-poo with castor oil.


Nikki said she likes to mix coconut oil and castor oil for her hair. They showed one woman who was dealing with damaged, frayed ends, and they performed a pre-poo on her to show how much healthier and beautiful her hair looked.

Sally explained that she cut around the hair line to soften the breakage. She said the key was to use a round brush starting at the crown of the head and pulling straight up. By pulling the hair up, you’re adding volume. Plus, flip your hair over and spray it before flipping your head back over to really add volume to your style.

Dr Oz: Color Powder To Conceal Thinning Hair

Another woman was complaining about thinning at the scalp, and they showed how they used color powder to help. Nikki said to find one that matches your natural hair color. The powder will absorb oil to give you natural thickness and also bind to your hair fibers to hide the bald spots. Just spray on the powder right where you see thinning and rub it into the scalp to hide the thinning.

As for a hairstyle to hide thinning, you can add some bangs and a bit of volume. The woman looked drastically different after both the cut and colored spray.

Dr Oz: Nighttime Routine For Your Hair

They also had a nighttime hair routine that every woman can implement. One woman shared that she puts her hair up into a ponytail at night. Nikki explained that she should do a scalp massage for up to five minutes each night to stimulate growth. Second, she recommended you sleep in a high loose ponytail. When you let it down in the morning, your hair will have a ton of volume. If you want texture, you can braid your hair into one or two braids to give yourself style without heat.

Third, she said to get rid of your cotton pillowcase and use a satin pillowcase or use a satin head wrap. She explained that cotton actually wicks away moisture, so satin will help you hair look fabulous.

Sally explained that she cut off dead, split ends, and added layers around the woman’s face to add volume. She said using a round brush upward with the right products can add volume and the appearance of thickness.


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