Dr Oz: Thigh Gap Anatomy, Almost Anorexic & Hunger Training Diet


Dr Oz: Dangerous Diet Trend Thigh Gap

Dr Oz tackled a dangerous diet trend that he said is explained in an extreme new diet book, The Thigh Gap Hack. He believed it could put young girls on a path to developing an eating disorder. This diet goal can actually be impossible, because the goal is to slim down so much that your thighs do not touch.

Information and resources online offer photographs and suggest methods to obtain a Thigh Gap. Author Camille Hugh has written a definitive guide to what she thinks is the most attractive body type. She does not think it is dangerous and believes any woman can achieve this look by lowering her body fat.


Dr Oz: Thigh Gap Hack Review

Dr Oz: Thigh Gap Anatomy, Almost Anorexic & Hunger Training Diet

Is pursuit of a Thigh Gap bad for your health? Dr Oz explained why it may be anatomically impossible for some, and got a variety of perspectives from women.

Camille Hugh sat with Dr Oz to discuss her book. She said that she was once 35 pounds overweight and was disappointed in her thighs. She thought that she would be unable to change her shape, but as she did research and tried some tactics, she eventually attained a Thigh Gap.

Dr Oz wondered about her qualifications as an expert, since her work could influence young women. Camille said she has done her research and has proved that it can be done in a healthy way. She did not consult or collaborate with medical professionals, but she cited her sources and claimed there is nothing unhealthy or unsafe in the book.


Dr Oz: Hunger Training Diet

Dr Oz asked her about the practice of Hunger Training, which suggests intermittent fasting so that you can burn off your prior calories before ingesting new ones. But Camille said she is not teaching people how to starve; rather, she thinks it makes people more conscious of when they are truly hungry, instead of eating out of habit because you think it is mealtime.

“I don’t view it as extreme. I think that anyone can follow it and they’re not putting their health at risk,” Camille said. She rejected the idea that Thigh Gap pursuit is an eating disorder, instead comparing it to the discipline required to achieve a six pack.

Dr Oz: Thigh Gap Anatomy

At home, Dr Oz said he has overheard his adolescent daughters and their friends talking about the beauty of the Thigh Gap. He explained the anatomy of the thighs, which is often determined by the width of the hips. Those who have narrow hips are more prone to their thighs touching, which means that they may have to burn off muscle in pursuit of their goal.

Women from the audience admitted they were obsessed with getting a Thigh Gap. One said that her Thigh Gap is not big enough, and she felt guilty about gaining 10 pounds. Another shed 30 pounds in her pursuit of a Thigh Gap, which she said inspires her from looking at models and fashion blogs. Hugh said that women may have different goals, and what makes one happy might not satisfy another.

Dr Oz: Thigh Gap Anorexia

To get a professional opinion, Dr Oz invited psychologist Dr Jennifer Thomas, an eating disorder specialist from Harvard Medical School, into the conversation. Thomas said that she felt that Camille had good intentions, but the body percentage she recommends would be consistent with an Anorexia Nervosa diagnosis

“Striving for something that’s impossible is a recipe for an eating disorder,” Dr Thomas said. She said that seeking a Thigh Gap can be an obsession for patients who are treated for eating disorders. She blamed social media for spreading this addictive obsession.

Dr Oz: Almost Anorexic Review

Dr Thomas co-authored a book called Almost Anorexic with Jenni Schaefer, who was in the audience. Schaefer once pursued the Thigh Gap as well and had to be treated for her eating disorder. She told the women that getting a Thigh Gap would not ultimately make them happy.

Schaefer proudly showed off that she no longer has a Thigh Gap. She associated that feeling with happiness and freedom, and she hoped the women were able to find happiness on their own terms.

In conclusion, Dr Oz offered his perspective. He said it is anatomically impossible for most people to achieve this look at a healthy weight. Do you know someone who is obsessed with Thigh Gap?


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