Dr Oz: The Real Age Skin Quiz for Eyelids & Wrinkles


Dr Oz: Real Age Skin Quiz

The Dr Oz Show had audience members do something drastic: they were asked to show up for the taping without wearing makeup. Though this can be a big risk for some people to get outside their comfort zone, some Dr Oz fans took him up on the challenge. He revealed how your face can reveal signs about your age you didn’t know to even look for, such as forehead wrinkles, sagging jowls, and smile lines. Find out what they mean for your health and longevity with the Real Age Skin Quiz.

The questions Dr Oz wanted women to ask themselves were:

  • What do you hide with your makeup?
  • Is your makeup regimen making you appear older or younger?

One woman admitted that she hid behind her makeup and did not feel pretty. Another woman said that her makeup gives her a feeling of “divaness,” which she doesn’t have without putting on her face.

Dr Oz: Droopy Eyelids

Dr Oz: Real Age Skin Quiz

Is your makeup making you look younger or older? The audience took Dr Oz's Real Age Skin Quiz.

For more specific advice about makeup, beauty, and aging, Dr Oz shared a few questions surrounding key problem areas.


First on his list: Do your upper eyelids droop and nearly touch the upper eye lashes?

According to guest Dr Anne Chapas, this is because the skin naturally loses elasticity with age. You can test this by pinching skin under your eyelid. It should go back into place within two seconds. But if it takes longer, that is a sign of premature aging.

Our “skin reflects what’s going on in our body,” she said, which in my case may mean that my skin is now comprised primarily of iced coffee. Eyelids are often the first areas to change, because skin there is thinner than in other places.

Dr Oz: Smile Line Test

Do you notice smile lines between the corners of your nostrils and mouth?

If you answered yes to this question, you are probably not comforted to know there’s not much to be done about it. This is probably associated with heredity, and there are multiple stages of advancement for smile lines.

  1. Minimal or no visible wrinkles (age 20-30)
  2. Wrinkle formations appear
  3. Wrinkles start to etch in the skin (age 40-50)
  4. Wrinkles and lines develop all over the face

Dr Oz Real Age: Sagging Jowls

Does the skin around your cheeks sag, or is it smooth?

Yo-yo dieting can actually be to blame for sagging jowls on your face. Rapid weight loss means the skin doesn’t have enough time to reshape itself correctly. That can lead to sagging jowls and other concerns.

Dr Oz: Forehead Age

Do your frown lines run vertical or horizontal on your forehead?

Smoking and stress are factors that can affect your wrinkles. Furrowing the brow or frowning when you are upset can lead to excessive wrinkles.

At the conclusion of the segment, Dr Oz’s studio audience received cards containing their “real age” numbers based on their skin evaluations. Red cards meant your skin is older than your chronological age. Green cards had younger skin than their age. Not everyone was happy with the cards they found in their envelopes. Would you take Dr Oz’s no makeup skin test challenge if you could?



  1. Asmaa says

    How we can fix these signs of premature early aging at early 30’s !! but with safe products that contains No Parabens as in olay range ..

    are mineral sunscreens block pores and cause blackheads?

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