Dr. Oz: Tamar Braxton Hair Obsession & Hair Weave Damage

Dr Oz: Tamar Braxton Hair Obsession

To help him tackle the giant issue of hair, Dr. Oz welcomed a few special guests to his show. First up was Tamar Braxton, who attempted to find an answer to the question: why are women so obsessed with hair?

Tamar, who referred to herself as the queen of “wigs, hair and flair,” stopped by a hair salon to get the inside scoop. One customer admitted to spending up to $650 a month on her hair. Other customers shared horror stories of green hair, bad highlights, and more. So why do we torture ourselves?

Dr. Oz invited Tamar Braxton and Nikki Walton to discuss why women are obsessed with hair weaves and achieving perfect hair.

Dr. Oz invited Tamar Braxton and Nikki Walton to discuss why women are obsessed with hair weaves and achieving perfect hair.

Nikki Walton: Natural Hair Advocate

Hair expert Nikki Walton, aka “Curly Nikki,” is an advocate for natural hair. She explained that women want “freedom” from the pressure to have perfect hair, which isn’t just damaging to our follicles, but also our self-esteem.

Dr. Oz: Weaves Are Dangerous

For audience member Shea, weaves are a way for her to feel “glamorous,” and she won’t leave the house without one. In fact, she brought her entire weave collection to the show, which was quite impressive; there were long weaves, shorts weaves, colorful weaves, and more. It’s been about five years since she’s left the house with natural hair.

However, Shea admitted to having a lot of breakage and hair thinning. Now, she shaves the side of her head to accommodate her weaves, because most of the hair had already been broken.

When you weave your hair, synthetic hair attaches to the natural hair. However, weaves can be dangerous. To demonstrate this, Dr. Oz and Shea climbed a giant net. Their combined weight mimicked the damage that occurs when you glue a weave onto your hair. But what can we do to prevent weaves from damaging our hair? Dr. Oz was determined to find a solution to this hair obsession.

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