Dr Oz: Tabatha Coffey: Nail Salon Cancer Risks & Used Bikini Wax


Tabatha Coffey: Beauty Salon Horror Stories

A trip to the salon or day spa is supposed to be relaxing and rejuvenating. But did you know you could actually get really sick thanks to your stylist? Just ask Tabatha Coffey, the salon professional and star of the reality series Tabatha Takes Over.

Tabatha’s specialty is turning businesses, such as hair salons, from grungy and gross to clean, healthy, and profitable, so you know she’s seen some of the worst conditions imaginable. She visited Dr Oz to reveal some disturbing secrets about the beauty industry.


Dr Oz: Tabatha Coffey

Hair guru & beauty expert Tabatha Coffey revealed the disturbing practices that could be making you sick at the salon. (Image Credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

She said that thousands of women are unknowingly getting infections during their beauty treatments, and one study even found that ¾ of all salons aren’t following state standards for disinfection procedures.

Dr Oz: UV Light Nail Dryers Cancer Risk

If you’re in a hurry at the nail salon, you might want to reschedule your pedicure for when you have more time. The UVA lights that are used to quickly dry your nails could be causing cancer on the backs of your hands, not to mention age spots.


Dr Oz and Tabatha said you can avoid this on your next visit by turning off the UV light and just using the dryer mechanism. You could also bring Zinc Oxide if you still want to use the light. Just give your manicurist the Zinc Oxide and ask them to put it on your hands for you.

Dr Oz: Footbath Health Risks

Did you know that the faster the water is moving in your footbath, the dirtier it probably is? That’s unsettling. The motion may make you think you’re getting clean, fresh water. But the reality is that emptying footbaths after each use can clog drains, so sometimes water is recycled for multiple clients.

This could result in boils or infections on your feet, thanks to the used bath water. A test of five footbaths found that the water contained germs or bacteria that causes skin & bacterial infections, and even dangerous diseases like Pneumonia.

The solution to this is using a liner in the footbath, and throwing it out after each use, to make sure that each client is getting a fresh, germ-free experience.

Dr Oz: Ringworm From A Haircut?

Did you know that you can get Ringworm in the chair at your salon? And all you wanted was a haircut. Ringworm is extremely contagious, and if stylists aren’t following proper sterile procedures, they’re passing it among clients.

That’s why you want to make sure your stylist uses Barbicide, a dark blue liquid. If it’s light blue, they could be trying to trick you by using Windex to save money. You can always inquire at your salon if you’re uncertain about their disinfecting practices.

Dr Oz: Used Bikini Wax

Salons are supposed to change their wax regularly, but this can cost money, so sometimes they re-use wax longer than they’re supposed to. Tabatha warned that you have to make sure the employees aren’t double dipping in the wax, because this contaminates it with bacteria and even STDs, which can be passed among clients.

If you notice inflammation after a waxing, the best thing you can do for it is apply Hydrocortisone Cream.


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