Dr Oz: Stacy Cox Miracle Shapewear & Braless Body Suit Reviews


Dr Oz: How To Dress Skinny

While you’re waiting for your 7 Day Fat Burning Diet and other fitness goals to take effect, you still want to look fashionable and nice when you go out in public. That’s why you need to know insider fashion secrets on how to look smaller and sexier no matter what your size.

Stacy Cox is a fashion expert, and she visited Dr Oz to share three of her biggest beauty secrets of the Hollywood stars. Here are the products she shared to help you cheat your size.


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Dr Oz Shapewear

Slim down your silhouette with fashion finds to cheat your size.

Dr Oz: Miracle Shapewear Review

Stacy’s first suggestion was Miracle Shapewear, which can help you create the illusion of taking multiple sizes off your appearance. Stacy said that one of the biggest mistakes women make when is trying to camouflage their size by wearing baggy clothes. They only hurt your image by making you look bigger than you really are.


Dr Oz: Multi-Functioning Shaper Review

Stacy wanted to demonstrate the before and after of these products. To do so, she chose LaShonda from the audience, who was a size 16. By minimizing her belly, Stacy hoped to help LaShonda accentuate her positive attributes.

LaShonda’s makeover featured a little black dress paired with a bright colored blazer. Stacy said that gathering the outfit in the center gives you a slender silhouette. Shoulder pads can even help out by keeping fabrics from clinging to your frame. So they are good for something after all!

Holding everything together underneath was a Multi-Functioning Shaper.

Dr Oz: Braless Body Suit Review

Stephanie was another size 16 audience volunteer who modeled Stacy’s next tip. Her before picture featured baggy pants covering up her legs. But Stacy encouraged her to show off her legs and downplay her midsection.

After the makeover, Stephanie was wearing a dark top and floral print skirt. The top seemed to flatten the stomach by crisscrossing Stephanie’s waist, while the print drew the eye away from her midsection.

Underneath the outfit, she was wearing a Braless Body Suit, which was cut out around the cleavage, which is Stacy’s tip to make them more comfortable.

Do any of these slimming size cheats sound like a fashion fit for you?


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