Dr Oz: Slimming Robert Verdi Fashion: Big Butt & Big Belly Clothes


Dr Oz: Robert Verdi Fashion

While you’re working on the Big Butt Diet or Big Belly Diet tips that Dr Oz shared, you probably still want to freshen up your appearance on the path to getting the body you want. That’s why Dr Oz invited celebrity stylist Robert Verdi to share some of his makeover tips and fashion advice. Find out how to choose the best Big Butt Clothes or Big Belly Clothes to help you showcase a more slimming appearance. Dr Oz’s motto for this segment was, “Fake it till you make it.”

Dr Oz: Slimming Big Butt Fashions

Dr Oz: Robert Verdi Fashion Slimming Advice

Celebrity stylist Robert Verdi shared fashion advice for women who want to take pounds off their Big Butt or Big Belly looks.


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