Dr Oz Skin Care Schedule: Best Time For Mosturizer, Eye & Wrinkle Cream


Dr Oz: Skin Care Schedule

Now that Tabatha Coffey told you everything about how to repair your hair, it’s time to move on to Dr Oz’s best skin care advice. Did you know that certain skin care products are formulated to get best results at specific times of day? Check out the Dr Oz Skin Care Schedule to learn about how to take the best care of your face from morning to night.

Dr Oz Skin Care Schedule

The Dr Oz Skin Care Schedule revealed the best times of day to use facial products for maximum beauty results.


From the audience, Dr Oz picked volunteer Lauren to learn about the Dr Oz Skin Care Schedule. She said she is always trying new products to stay moisturized and looking healthy. Her regimen included cleansers, sunscreen cream and under-eye cream.

Dr Oz Skin Care Schedule: Best Time To Use Wrinkle Cream

If you are staving off wrinkles, Dr Oz said the best time of the day to use your wrinkle cream is 9:30 p.m. (or 30 minutes before your bedtime; Dr Oz must go to bed early). He suggested finding a Retinol cream with a minimum concentration of 0.4%.

Dr Oz Skin Care Schedule: Best Time To Moisturize

If you have dry skin, you are probably moisturizing at the wrong time of day. Dr Oz said you should try to apply lotion around midday. That’s because a morning application will have worn off halfway through your day. In fact, Dr Oz suggested doing this several times throughout the day, but ensuring that you make time for it in the middle of the day seems to be important for folks with dry skin.


Dr Oz Skin Care Schedule: Best Time To Use Eye Cream

For those unwanted under-eye circles, the best time to tackle them is first thing in the morning. Dr Oz suggested 7 a.m. That’s because at night if you sleep on your back, blood will pool under your eyes. You can also use a cold compress in the morning to reduce bags.

As one final tip, Dr Oz suggested switching it up and using different types of facial cleansers for morning and night. That will keep your skin from getting too used to one type of product.


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